7 Things You’re Doing Wrong When You Can’t Sleep

Science says we need seven to nine hours of sleep a night to be considered healthy sleepers. Well, what happens if you can’t sleep? What if you have insomnia? What if you just find yourself feeling restless at night? What if you’re a night owl? Regardless of your reasons for not sleeping, you still need sleep. I always thought I just didn’t need as much sleep as other people, but it turns out that I do. Just because your body is used to not sleeping enough doesn’t make it healthy.

I’ve had issues sleeping since high school, but now that I’m an adult with more responsibilities, it’s actually a big problem for me. My anxiety doesn’t help the situation at all. In fact, that seems to be the reason for my sleep issues. There are a lot of things you can do to ruin your sleep as it is, but there are also mistakes you can make when you can’t sleep. If you’re lying awake in bed or waking up in the middle of the night, here are some things you didn’t know would help:

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  • Ria

    I totally agree, Caitlin! Between my intense homework load and my time consuming extracurriculars, I almost never have enough time to sleep. Surprisingly, even when I do finally get enough time, it’s never of good quality and I can never get to sleep fast enough.

    Since I do have to spend time basking in the glow of my computer before bed to get my homework done, I have a tip of my own. If you can’t avoid using electronics before bed, get one of the apps that warms up your computer screen to a yellow or red backlight, decreasing the strain on your eyes exponentially. I personally use f.lux for my computer and Twilight on my Android, but there are other options too.

    Now settle down and don’t let those bed bugs bite!
    (What does that even mean? Who has bugs in their mattresses?)