21 Things Every Girl Worries About In A New Relationship

Being in a new relationship is both exciting and kinda scary. When you start dating someone new, you’re kind of on your best behavior at the beginning. You’re trying to be yourself and be impressive at the same time, you know? And you’re trying to be the best girlfriend ever 24/7.

It’s normal to worry about things in any relationship, but especially in a new one. This person is now in your life and getting to know every little thing about you. Of course you’re nervous and anxious! If you’re in a new relationship, you’re probably worrying about the following:

1. That your new significant other will get sick of you.

Please don’t think I’m annoying!

2. That they won’t like you anymore after they find out how weird you are.

What happens when they get to know the REAL me?

3. That they won’t like you as much when they see you without makeup on.


4. That they won’t like you naked.

(They’re going to like you naked, I promise.)

5. Or that you won’t be good together in bed.

We can work on that, right?!

6. That your friends won’t like them.

Oh no.

7. Or their friends won’t like you.

How can they not like me though?

8. Or they won’t like your friends.

To be fair, your friends can be pretty harsh upfront…

9. Or you’ll hate their friends.

You don’t want to tell your new boo that their friends are the worst.

10. That they might still be friends with or in touch with their ex.

Am I okay with this?

11. That they won’t be accepting if you have a BFF the same sex as them.


12. That they’re going to get bored with you.

I’m not boring!!

13. That you won’t know what to get them for their birthday or a holiday.


14. That they’re going to judge you by your Netflix queue.

So what if I watch a lot of elephant documentaries and children’s cartoons?

15. Or they’re going to be disgusted by your true eating habits.

Because you controlled yourself on dates.

16. That you don’t have as much in common as you thought you did.

So… what now?

17. That they’re going to get too comfortable.

Effort is always important!

18. That they’re going to freak out if you fart.

disgusted gif

Source: Giphy


19. Or that they won’t understand periods.

Or know how gross they are.

20. That they’re going to cheat on you.

I trust you, but ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

21. That they’re going to break up with you any second.

Please no.

22. That this is going to be your last relationship because you’re going to end up with this person.

And that is scary as hell!

What do you worry about in a new relationship? Tell us in the comments below!
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