8 Tips On How To Talk To Your Partner About Your Anxiety

Having anxiety totally sucks. I can’t deny that even on my most positive days. I’m doing a really great job at managing my anxiety and functioning normally. I have good days and bad days, and some of my bad days are worse than others. It is difficult, but I can handle it. What’s really difficult is discussing and explaining anxiety to people who don’t understand or experience it.

I’m in a new relationship, and while I was very upfront right away about having anxiety and seeing a therapist, I hadn’t really gone into detail about how it affects me. I didn’t feel the need to disclose that information at the beginning, but I recently had to as my anxiety flared up and made me get inside my head during an argument. This proved more difficult than I thought. My boyfriend, bless his heart, was trying to help, and I had to tell him he couldn’t help he just needed to listen and try to understand what I was struggling with. People want to help you, but they can’t unless they are trained professionals. It’s up to you to establish that boundary.

Explaining anxiety to someone who doesn’t have it is like trying to explain neuroscience to a baby. It just doesn’t make sense, and explaining a feeling is nearly impossible. You should never be ashamed to discuss your anxiety, but I understand that it’s hard. So if you’re struggling to talk with your significant other about your anxiety, here are some tips:

Do you have anxiety? Have you talked to your partner about it? What happened? What other tips do you have? Tell us in the comments below!
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