12 Reasons You’ve Been Single For A Long Time

If you’ve been single for a long time, then I’m sure that at some point, you have wondered why and how you’re still single. This doesn’t make you anti-feminist, it doesn’t mean you’re pathetic or desperate, and it doesn’t mean you’re obsessed with finding a significant other. It’s normal, and every girl who has been single for a while has been there.

I’ve gotten tons of questions from you guys asking why you’re still single. The stories are always very similar: you’re an attractive person with an awesome personality, but you can’t seem to find a relationship that sticks, or even a date at all. I get that this can be frustrating. After my first boyfriend and I broke up, I was basically single for four years, aside from some casual “relationships.” I know how it feels to think you’ve got it all, yet you can’t seem to find someone who agrees.

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That’s why I found this Ask Reddit thread so intriguing. One woman wrote in asking why people think their “forever alone” single friends are still single. It was so interesting to read why these women think their friends can’t find a significant other, and some of the reasons were pretty eye-opening.

Let me be clear: First, I’m not saying that being single is a negative thing at all. It’s not in any way. Second: I’m not saying that a girl can’t choose to be single. Many women aren’t looking for a relationship and are happier being alone – and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Third: I’m not saying being single is all your fault, that there’s something wrong with you. Sometimes, though, we are doing something that could be hurting us without even realizing it, and sometimes we need someone to point that out.

So, wondering why you’ve been single for a while? This thread may help. Here are 12 reasons you’ve been single for a long time: 

Why are you single? Do you disagree with any of these things? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Stephanie

    I think i’m single not because of the above reasons but it’s because i’m ugly and i have a million tattoos all visible…Men do not like ugly girls or girls who have 2 full tattooed sleeves….

  • L L

    I’ve met all the listed reasons. But hey, I’m at my best while alone with my thoughts.

  • Tessa Heffels

    The lack of confidence one is so true for a friend of mine! She keeps complaining about wanting a boyfriend, because she thinks he will give her confidence. I have told her many times that is not how it works and she should love herself first. One thing she said was true. All the people who have told her being single is okay have or have had a relationship. I have no idea anymore how to make her see it really is okay to be single and that she won’t be single forever.

  • cool redneck

    hey how old are you if thats not creapy angie