17 Flawless Responses To Give If Your Ex Texts You

One day, you’ll just be minding your own business when suddenly, you’ll get a text from your ex. They might want to get back together. They might want to say hi. They might want to fight about your breakup again. They might just want to tell you they were thinking about you. Regardless of the reason, it can be very jarring, especially if you have since moved on from the breakup.

It’s one thing to text an ex in the aftermath of a breakup. It’s another thing to text them, like, months later and act like nothing happened. Get out of here. I hate it when I hear from my exes, especially if I’ve moved on and am happy with someone else. I’m just like “LET ME LIVE!” If you get an unwanted text from an ex, here are some responses for you:

1. Send a simple error message:

Official and effective.

2. Ask important questions:

Really though, where can you get it?

3. Let them know where they stand:


4. Laugh:


5. Be very logical:

You can see me anytime on the internet, bye.

6. Call them out:



7. Use emojis to your advantage:

Go away.

8. Send this classic Jay-Z image:


9. Send “Apologize” by One Republic:

In GIF form, lyrics, or just send the actual song.

10. Express how you feel:


11. Remind them that you are BROKEN UP:

What is your problem?

12. Send this GIF:

Uh-uh. Bye.

13. Bring out your Rihanna game:

Rolling up the window on this convo.

14. Toss some LOTR at them:

This relationship was like the movies: TOO LONG.

15. Tell them to go home:

Kindly leave.

16. Send this sassy 50 Cent GIF:

The classic laugh & drive.

17. Let them know how awkward they’re making the situation:
ex text


Has your ex ever texted you? How did you respond? Tell us in the comments below!
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20 flawless responses to give all your haters

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  • Jinx1374

    Lol! XD

  • TechnoNecro

    When my ex texts me I always end up dating her again. I’m weak.. T-T

    • creativecubez

      Yes… Yes you are…

  • Hand Solo


  • Isamar Garcia

    The last one!

  • Cederick

    He told me that he don’t miss me but he miss the sex from the relationship and I told him he can ask the other guy who fucked him 😀 (I am gay)

  • Batman

    Excuse me, but there is no way in hell LOTR was too long.

  • LordHEF

    Um… roll tide? :l

  • Lövey Hans

    who are you?