6 Things You Can Do If You’re Single For Prom

Prom might seem like a ways away, but it’s actually right around the corner. I mean, it’s already March, people! The year is already moving quickly, so don’t say we didn’t warn you about prom hittin’ you upside the head.

If you’re single and don’t see yourself getting a new bae in the next couple of months, you might be a little worried about who to go to prom with. Ideally, you shouldn’t be worried about that at all, but hey, you’re human and you might really just want some options for prom as a single lady. Cue Beyonce.

So if you’re single, here are six different things you can do about your prom date conundrum. Pick one and carry on to worrying about what rad outfit you’re going to wear.

Go With Your Squad

Are you and your friends mostly single ladies? Okay, then go as a group date. You can even coordinate your outfits or something or go as a theme. See? Prom can still be way fun without a "real" date!

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Have A Platonic Date

This could be a close friend or someone who you're just chill with who also doesn't have a date. Have an excuse to play dress up, hang out and make some memories.

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Go Solo

I went to prom without a date, so did a lot of my friends, and it really isn't a huge deal. Nobody is really going to check on that, you know. Also, anyone who does sucks and needs to mind their own business. Go to prom, look awesome, dance like an idiot, take too many pics and that's it. Prom.

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Ask Out That One Person You've Really Wanted To Go To Prom With

Do people still say YOLO? Well, either way, YOLO because you aren't going to get this opportunity again. Better to try and see what happens than to not try and never know, right? Who knows, even if they already have a date they might be super flattered that you're into them enough to ask. That validation could be enough.

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Ask Out A Celeb

Hey, people have successfully done it in the past. I'm sure nobody has asked Hozier to prom yet...he might be game, okay?

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Stay At Home And Be Sad Because You Don't Have A Prom Date

Please, don't do this. It's not that serious.

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Are you already trying to figure out your prom date scenario? Do you really care about having a date? Tell us in the comments!

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