10 Random Things You Probably Thought Were Totally Sexy As A Kid

When we’re kids we experience early exposure to sexuality. Whether it’s the kiss at the end of a Disney cartoon or a music video with a tube top clad Britney Spears, we get the funniest ideas of what exactly it means to be sexy. Of course, as kids we have a very limited perspective of what sexuality means, which means we blow even the most tame things out of proportion and think that they’re the most scandalous, raunchy things ever.

And then we get older and wonder what the hell we were thinking.

We’ve all been there! So you’ll probably agree that you thought that these 10 things were way sexual as a kid, even if you laugh at the idea now.



Every Disney Kiss Ever

Anything more than a peck was super romantic and a little sexy to a lot of us. They're using tongue, you can tell! They just are!

Christina Aguilera's 'Dirrty' Video

Our Gurl intern Katie cites this video as something that was super sexy to her as a kid. Though, now, she adds that in retrospect Christina just had way too much baby oil!

Sailor Moon's Transformation Sequence

Anybody else find the transformation sequence in Sailor Moon weirdly sexual as a kid. I mean...they were naked, right? Right?

Britney Spears' 'Crazy' Video

Cleavage! The cleavage! Anybody else try to copy this move?

The Make Out Party Episode Of Full House

Fact: there's nothing more scandelous than a makeout party. Fact: there's nothing more scandalous than a make out party in an episode of FULL HOUSE. Gasp. Time to clutch those pearls.

That Awkward Scene From Hocus Pocus

I cannot be the only person who thought that it was so raunchy for Max to be moaning about that girl Allison into his pillow. Seriously, what if this wasn't a Disney movie!?

Rory And Jess's First Kiss

Okay, maybe you didn't think this was super sexy but you might have felt a noticeable jolt of excitement. Is this what love looks like???

Lizzie McGuire's Strong Urge For A Bra

Bras were like the new beginning of womanhood or something, so for a Lizzie McGuire episode to dedicate 22 minutes to talking about boob holders...this was weirdly cool and mature when you're a preteen.

The Opening Of 'Wish Upon A Star'

This entire movie started out with Alexia getting ready for school that day, which iincluded shaving, putting on ultra '90s frosted lipstick, and a new mini skirt. Maybe it was the ritual of it all that made it sexy? Maybe because it seemed so grown?

That Pink Minidress from 'My Date With The President's Daughter'

Gurl intern Katie and I both agree that there is something weirdly sexy about this dress from My Date With The President's Daughter. What? Good question.


What did you think was sexy for whatever reason as a kid? What do you think is still sexy now? Tell us in the comments!

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