12 Amazing Ways To Get The Perfect Bikini Body

I know winter is crushing our souls at the moment, but believe it or not, spring is right around the corner. Spring gives us hope that we’re not all going to freeze to death. It also gives us flowers, bright colors, fresh air, daylight, and spring break! You know what that means, right? Bikini season!

You might be scared to put on a swimsuit at all after hibernating this winter. I know I sure am. I’ve seen a bunch of articles already about how to get that perfect bikini body filled with diet and workout tips. Let me tell you something: that is all some bologna. You don’t need to change anything to get a bikini body. Instead, try these tips:

1. First things first, have a body.

Chances are, you do have one.

2. Go bikini shopping.

You can do this in stores or online!

3. Pick out your favorite bikini.

Find something you love whether it’s pink, purple, green, white and gold, or blue and black!

4. You know, one that makes you feel like this moment in Wish Upon A Star:

Let’s be real: you *are* a star.

5. But be sure to pick one that’s comfortable and allows for optimum beach time.

You don’t want to waste money on a bikini you can’t move around in!

6. Give yourself some love.

Build up that confidence, boo.

7. Remember this tidbit:

Really though.

8. Don’t compare yourself to others.

Especially not someone you see that’s Photoshopped to death in a catalog or magazine. (It’s all fake!)

9. Don’t worry about your size.

You’re more than a size or a number.

10. Tell yourself how hot you are.

Because you ARE!

11. Put on your bikini.


12. Congratulate yourself for getting a bikini body!

You did it!
Do you feel pressure to get a “bikini body?” How do you make yourself feel confident in a bathing suit? Tell us in the comments below!
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