Would You Rather: 90s Trend Edition

The 90s now seem like the fashion dark ages. But back then, we thought we looked super cute in the latest trends. Yes, I’m talking butterfly clips and body glitter. Crimped hair and choker necklaces. Bucket hats and brown lipstick.

You know that #90sSwag. Before hashtags were a thing. Or “swag,” for that matter.


This is the exact moment Melissa Joan Hart realized what she was actually wearing, guys! Source

We were lookin’ good, you guys. Super stylish.

Do 90s trends still make you cringe a little? Are you guilty of a few 90s fashion infractions? Well, get ready to relive it all in this edition of Would You Rather! You definitely aren’t ready for this.


bucket hat or visor

brown metallic lips or rollerball glitter

butterfly clips or crimped hair

choker vs colored glasses

comb headband or flower denim hat

floral or velvet

jelly vs birenstock

neon pants or metallic minis

oversized overalls or loud vests

tracksuit or popcorn


What 90s fashion crimes are you guilty of? Any 90s trends you still enjoy as a bit of a guilty pleasure? Tell me all about it in the comments below!


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  • AgainstTheWall

    Floral dresses are still great imo

  • val

    yes i own a floral dress and jellies yes I am guilty and I need a tattoo choker as well.

  • Ellie

    Oooooh boy, I have a floral velvet dress…..it’s cute, I swear!

  • Cailín

    Omgoodness, I already do the bodyglitter AND the metallic brown lipgloss…..