10 Clothes And Accessories That Only Retro Video Game Lovers Can Appreciate

I was never a huge gamer as a kid beyond having a couple generations of Play Station and being really into Tony Hawk Pro Skater, but I remember loving playing video games whenever I hung out at a friend’s house. Plus, who didn’t love playing arcade games? Are there still arcade games around outside of retro themed bars? If not, we need to bring back those monstrosities pronto.

Anyway, I’m not a gamer girl, but I definitely have enough of an appreciation for retro games and gaming consoles to recognize 10 seriously cool game inspired clothes and accessories. From an homage to the first generation Gameboy (never forget) to Mario to Space Invaders, there’s a little bit of everything. Check ’em out!

Super Mario Star Power Earrings

Pull your hair up and show off these cute Super Mario star earrings. You can get them in either a studded style or as dangling earrings, so go with whichever one suits you!

Buy it at Etsy for $5

Playful Feeling Skirt in Arcade

You can totally dress up a gamer look with this cute and kitsch Pac-Man inspired skirt. Tuck your favorite blouse into the waistband, throw on a sweater or blazer. For a more casual look, tuck in a regular t-shirt and pair it with your favorite jacket.

Buy it at Mod Cloth for $49.99

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Stained Glass Dress

If you want to show off your love of Zelda without looking like you're getting dressed up for Halloween, this dress is the ticket.

Buy it at Hot Topic for $27.60

Pokemon Skirt

Whether or not Pokemon is truly retro or not is up for debate but either way it's a game that people have been playing for ages and it's such a cultural icon that even people who never gave a damn about the game know what it is. Rock this mini skirt with your favorite tights or leggings underneath if you're not into showing too much skin!

Buy it at Shop Jeen for $55

This Game Sucks Shirt

If you want to show off your love for all retro games in one swoop then you might as well just score this shirt right now. It definitely has at least one of your old school faves.

Buy it at Threadless for $25

Play Video Games Tee

Simple, too the point and definitely a rule of thumb for some of you reading this, I'm sure. Also, loving the retro game font!

Buy it at Shop Jeen for $35

Tetris Earrings

Rock these earrings and then try to win a game of Tetris. That's the goal here!

Buy it at Etsy for $15

Joystick Junky Urban Junk Flight Satchel Bag

Shout out to Space Invaders, one of the most stressful retro games of all time. Stressed out just looking at this bag TBH (even though it's cute, roomy and generally pretty awesome looking).

Buy it at Etsy for $39.60

Size Matters Cut Off Tee

Ha! Check out this play on the logo of SEGA, a game developer from the 80s. Anyone who knows of it will definitely have a double take at this oversized top. Pair it with some leggings and boots or chunky platforms and you're good to go.

Buy it at DollsKill for $25

Gameboy -- NES Nintendo Gameboy Patch

Get a patch of this classic handheld game console that you played the hell out of. Stick it onto your favorite denim jacket!

Buy it at Etsy for $5

Alright, what’s your favorite retro video game? Which ones do you play right now? Tell us in the comments!

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