18 Annoying Things That Should Not Be Socially Acceptable (Even Though They Are)

It’s 2015, and we’ve gotten rid of so many behaviors that are just not socially acceptable in any way. But, surprise, surprise, other things have popped up to take their place. The world isn’t a perfect place by any means, which basically means that people will always get caught up in behaviors that should never have existed in the first place.

Leave it to a Reddit thread to bring up something slightly uncomfortable: things that are socially acceptable today even though they definitely shouldn’t be. Because even though we’ve come a long way as a society, there will always be things we can improve upon. Read over these 18 things that should not be socially acceptable and really think about the way you act every day… and think about how that affects others. Oh, and stop doing this stuff guys. It’s pretty annoying.

Which of these things do you think is the worst? What do you disagree with? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.

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  • haley

    (Before anyone reads this, I want to get something clear. 1) throughout this comment, I made it my responsibility to not direct anything to a specific gender, I know any gender can be the victim and/or the one doing the action. 2) I do not mean to offend anyone in any way, and if you do take any offense, I apologize for that, but that doesn’t mean my opinion will change)

    Can’t forget about the people who say “it’s not rape/abuse if they like it” are disgusting. You are basically defending rape and abuse when saying that. I don’t know why society views rape as being okay now but it needs to stop, it’s not okay and it never will be.
    And another thing, people who shove their religions down others throats. I mean it’s cool you believe in something, I respect that, but that doesn’t mean I have to too.

  • LollipopPuppet

    What you said about people using their phones at concerts is just stupid. First, how is that rude? Second, all they’re doing is preserving the moment they got to see their favorite band live. Like, they’re in the same room as that band. That doesn’t happen every day! They wanna have the film to remember the energy of the moment. Surely you can forgive them. And it seems I can no longer comment with my Gurl account? A bit hypocritical on the “signing in with Facebook for everything” thing.

  • Barbara E. Marshall Campbell

    Hi, I have a few inappropriate behaviors I find annoying.. so here goes:
    1) Coming to group discussions and ever, ever adding your opinion. Come on and speak up. Okay so you are reserved and shy but give me a break; you are among friends who know you have opinions and we want to hear yours once in awhile.
    2) Not returning texts or calls because you are in a mood so then you forgot. Maybe I should just give up and quit calling you or texting you, only aren’t you always complaining that friends and family do not call or text you anymore.
    3) People who insist on doing things for me or buying things for me even though I have asked them not to. Occasionally it is okay but daily it is rude, disrespectful and inappropriate. Why do you insist on giving someone something they told you not to? Your behavior creeps me out sometimes.
    Done with my rant for now. Have a great day.

  • Marissa Ricci

    I can tell you exactly where the love of ginger jokes came from — South Park. The episode “Ginger Kids” pretty much made it blow up in popularity and started the whole “gingers have no soul” thing. It’s actually a pretty funny episode though if you can take that stuff in stride. 🙂

  • SamIAm

    I just want to point out that not all Americans can have a sick day. Sick days are not a requirement to have for a business. So those people who show to work sick sometimes have no other choice. If they don’t show up they are fired.

  • SpecialDeath

    Tbh, Number 5 is quite true, I get a lot of hate for being ginger, like strangers have called out stuff at me on the streets and I am like kden, fanks m8. Also my friends seem to think it’s fine to make fun of me for it. Like no. Can you not. I obviously don’t like it.

  • AgainstTheWall

    the opposite of 18 can also be quite annoying…