Would You Rather: Body Hair Edition

We all know body hair is pretty weird. I mean, don’t get me wrong, sprouting hair in random crevices of your body is actually normal. But it’s our obsession with body hair that makes things really very strange.

Think about it. We spend a ton of money dying it, cutting it, and buying stuff to get rid of it. Our whole preoccupation with hair is literally the weirdest when you really think about.


Think things with body hair can’t get any stranger? Well, think again!

In this edition of Would You Rather, we put your body hair to the ultimate test! Just try to choose between these 10 terrible body hair scenarios.

To be honest, we’re not totally sure whether you will be laughing or crying at the end of this…


arm pit hair

long hair bowl

green hair or bald

bald or glow


Well, that certainly was strange. What was the hardest decision to make? How do you feel about body hair? Tell us all about it in the comments below!


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  • Sara Vieira

    this was bizarre, The mustache one was definitely the hardest. followed by #1.