15 Little Mermaid Jokes & Memes That Will Ruin Your Childhood

The Little Mermaid is an iconic Disney movies. It’s Jess’ favorite Disney movie, and it’s definitely up there on my list. Even though Ariel wanted to be human, this movie made us all want to be mermaids because being one seemed pretty awesome.

The Little Mermaid has a special place in my heart, but that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh at it. These 15 jokes and memes will either make you laugh or completely ruin your childhood:

1. This meme that portrays the questions we have about the movie:

I mean…

2. This hilarious insult:


3. This TLM/Pitch Perfect mashup

Mermaid running at its finest.

4. This serious truth:

Seriously though.

5. This amazing revelation:

Come on, Ariel.

6. This math joke:


7. This Gossip Girl/TLM mashup:


8. This look at what Ariel’s life is really like:

Homegirl needs help.

9. This real mature joke:

You can’t NOT laugh at that.

10. This Kanye interruption:

Go home, Kanye.

11. This Harry Potter theory:

Find the lie.

12. This problem that could have been solved with cellphones:

“Hey Eric, BTW I’m a mermaid. LOL”

13. This incredible Tumblr interaction:

Educate yourself.

14. Hipster Ariel:

You’ve probably never heard of them.

15. This perfect use of Kelso’s “Burn” line:


Which joke/meme is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!
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  • Rancor Palmach

    Kelso one ftw!

  • John Francis Ante

    lol the algae-bra joke was from ellie XD

  • Yuri Pistone

    Nah, moriarty’s burn ; _ ;

  • Purpleshadow

    meh my childhood still isn’t ruined

  • KeybladeMaster Dovahkiin

    I thought the Kanye one was gonna be some kind of joke about the fact that he’s a gay fish lol…

  • Grimm

    Urgh! Whenever I see hipster Ariel all I can see is Rachel Tice!

  • Sneha Gubbala

    I don’t understand why you included the one that makes disparaging remarks about OCD? Comments like that add to the stigmatization of mental illness and makes it seem like OCD is something that can be treated as a joke. Lately I’ve been noticing increasingly insensitive jokes and asides by some of the Gurl writers, and it’s honestly so disappointing. In the Oscars 2015 post, Patricia Arquette was glorified for her speech about wage inequality when many of her comments focused on feminism for straight, white women. I don’t think that this is something that should be lauded when women of color like Nicki Minaj and Beyonce are attacked for not being real “feminists.” I understand that Gurl wants to post articles as timely as possible, but that does not mean that corners should be cut and sensitivity ignored. I used to check Gurl daily, but now I’m going to have to rethink that.

    • jbooth1031

      Patricia Arquette’s comments may not have been perfect, and yes there was room for improvement in what she said, but I still support the message she was trying to get across, and I stand by that. She said what she wanted to say in the very short amount of time she had. I’m sorry if you don’t feel the same way and if that difference in opinion makes you want to stop reading our entire website.

      • Sneha Gubbala

        I was just using that one post as an example of just one of the instances I’ve seen Gurl be somewhat insensitive in its coverage. There are also all the times people like Iggy Azalea are commended in spite of their openly racist beliefs. There’s the fact that one of the beauty tutorials used the word g*psy in the title in spite of it being a racial slur. There’s the fact that this post included an ableist meme and even though I commented about it, the issue still hasn’t been addressed by people at Gurl. Me not reading the website is not about a “difference in opinion;” it’s about upholding what Gurl is supposed to be: an inclusive, safe space for ALL girls to feel comfortable.

        • Joshua N.

          CHILL OUT

        • riemann

          shouldn’t take things to heart so badly. they have sebastian talking about a pussy…. shouldn’t that have been on your list of “unsafe” items as well?

          personally i found all of them funny except 7 & 14, just not my taste of humor i guess.

    • cc

      Shut the fuck up !

    • Aleu

      You must be fun at parties

    • Kevin Panton

      Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Well I’m offended for fish everywhere that a meme implied fish don’t have vaginas. And I’m offended that a meme implied mute naked women on the beach can’t get married. No, wait, I’m offended that the meme implied that men will marry without getting to know a girls personality, that’s sexist to men. No, wait, I’m offended that in the OCD meme they used the word “b1tch”. No, wait, I’m not offended at all cos it’s JUST A F-CKIN JOKE. Seriously? I highly advise you n to learn how to relax and let a joke float past, it wasn’t directed at you or people with OCD. Don’t take it personally, it’s not even really taking the piss out of people with OCD, it’s taking the piss out of a fictional cartoon character who doesn’t really have OCD, you just decided to take it personally.