What Keegan Allen Was Like As A Teen, Plus 9 Other Facts You Never Knew About Him

keegan allen and katie

Keegan and me after our interview. And yes, he was the sweetest!

Keegan Allen a.k.a. Toby Cavanaugh is probably one of your favorite parts of Pretty Little Liars. Am I right?

I mean, of course he is! He’s everyone’s favorite bad boy turned good. So when I had the chance to sit down and chat with him, you know I was beyond excited.

Keegan just came out with a super amazing new photography book called life.love.beauty. It is full of personal photos he’s taken since he was a kid, up to his recent PLL fame. It is also full of really poetic diary entries, which will make you love him even more. If that’s even possible.

Basically, the book is a must-have for any PLL lover, especially since it is full of behind-the-scenes photos taken by Keegan of the cast! So check it out here. Trust me, you’ll love it.

When we sat down with Keegan, he was so pumped to give us all the info about his book, his passions, and — of course — Pretty Little Liars.

And, not gonna lie, he was pretty dreamy in real life. Actually really, really dreamy.

All in all, we learned some pretty surprising things about the guy we’ve all grown to love. We just had to share them with you all. Take a look at these 10 things you didn’t know about Keegan until now!

He Is Really Deep And Thoughtful

One thing you’ll realize when you meet Keegan? He thinks so deeply about life and love! To prove it, here’s what he told us about his new book: “No matter who we are or what walks of life we come from, our existence is all shaped by [life, love, and beauty]. Life: the absence of life, or new life that comes in, or our lives. Love: who we love and how we choose to love them and who loves us. And what we perceive as beautiful. It all affects us in such deep ways – every single human being on this planet.” Now, that’s deep.

Source: Instagram

He Is Super Passionate About Photography

Okay, so you probably knew this already. But you probably didn’t know just how passionate. Keegan told us: “I’m really inspired by the end result of the photo and being able to share it and being able to step back into that photo. In a way of a time machine kind of feeling where you can step back in and experience it. But also the beauty of someone else looking at that photo and having no back story to it and being affected by it. Even just taking a photograph and stealing a moment away, that’s inspiring. Bringing that spirit to someone else somewhere.”

Source: Instagram

He Understands Your Obsession With Tumblr

When Keegan was talking about his favorite photos from the book, he told us: “Ultimately, every photo in the book is my favorite. Because it all ties and stiches to my heart. It’s like a Tumblr blog. If you have a Tumblr, when you like something or reblog something, it means something to you. It’s the same kind of element with photography for me.” You guys, he gets us. He really, really gets us.

Source: Instagram

He’s Super Superstitious About His Future Plans

Though Keegan told us he has a lot more plans for the future, he was really secretive about them. The reason? He’s superstitious! He said “I have so many ideas. But I’m extremely superstitious about sharing them. Same thing with this book. I really didn’t tell anyone about it until it was in its final stages of being printed. But I have been working on it for years!”

Source: Instagram

He Was A Self-Described “Teen-Angst, Drama” Sort Of Teen

Keegan was so excited to tell us what he was like as a teen. Here’s what he had to say: “I was all teen angst, drama –cause I was an only child! So, I was kind of isolated from the world. You know, writing in my journal, taking photos. Not in a creepy kind of way! But, you know, I would sit and stare at a plastic bag for like 20 minutes and be like, ‘It’s beautiful.’ I would sit and ponder love. It sounds really cliché because now it has turned into a cliché. But that was my world when I was growing up.”

Source: Instagram

He Is Obviously Super Multi-Talented…But Can’t Dance

So we all know Keegan is amazingly talented as an actor. And now we are all clued in that he is a super amazing photographer and a pretty poetic writer, thanks to life.life.beauty. But there is one thing he isn’t so good at. Keegan said: “I love both [photography and acting], and also writing, too. I love the whole creation process of the arts. I can’t dance though!” Really, guys. That’s, like, his only fault.

Source: Instagram

He Actually Liked Torturing You In PLL

You read that right. He liked making you believe he was “A”! Keegan said: “I obviously loved throwing everybody off in the audience and playing that villain. That always to me is the most fun to play up, that classic cinema villain where the audience knows that he’s evil and nobody else does. It’s like the murder in the cemetery. You know who it is and you’re like, ‘Oh god, please! He’s the killer! You’re talking to him!’ You’re ripping your hair out and screaming at the TV. That’s the beauty of that show! I love being a part of that!”

Source: Instagram

...But He Is Also A Romantic

Even though Keegan liked playing bad boy Toby, he has a sweet spot for good guy Toby, too. He said: “[I learned a lot] playing that moral compass, good boyfriend. As a man, I learned a lot. You know, I’ve grown up a lot on the show. Marlene King (executive producer for PLL) has kind of taught me a thing or two about romance. So, I love that.” D’awww.

Source: Instagram

He Loves His Fans As His Friends

Keegan has been doing this super amazing thing where he has been personally calling fans to chat! He said because of that experience, he now considers his fans his friends...even though other celebs tell him that’s bad! Keegan said: “They’re not fans or followers to me. They are like my friends. I know a lot of celebrities are like, “Don’t do that. That’s a mistake!” But, no. If you think it’s anything other than an actual human connection, then you are very, very foolish.”

Source: Instagram

And He Wants You To Follow Your Passions

Keegan is super passionate about photography, obviously. But he is hesitant to call himself a professional. He says photography is his passion (and his hobby). And he has a few tips for those of you who are passionate about something. Keegan said, “I think with anything in life, if you really commit yourself to it and you’re passionate about it and you believe in yourself and you keep doing it, ultimately it’s not about getting better. Ultimately, you get to learn a lot more.” So go out and learn, girls. For Keegan and for yourselves!

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Are you a fan (ahem, we mean friend!) of Keegan Allen? What was your favorite part of our chat with him? Tell us all about it in the comments!


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