10 Ways Your First Period Was Totally Different Than Your Period Now

Getting your period for the first time is enough of a sudden surprise, but getting used to your new life as a tampon toting lady is something you definitely can’t prepare for. Sure, in school you might have learned the bare basics: menstrual fluid comes out of your vagina and your stomach hurts and everything sort of sucks for a few days. Yeah, okay, but nobody tells you about staining your underwear or getting blood up your butt crack when you’re sleeping.

It’s a pain starting out…but then you’re at a point where you’re suddenly really used to the weirdness that comes along with your monthly visitor. You’re no longer quite as neurotic and you sort of stop giving a damn. Skeptical? Here are 10 reactions that you definitely have to your period now that you didn’t when you first started out.


1. You used to be super paranoid about opening the wrappers of your pads or tampons because OMG EVERYONE KNOWS YOU’RE ON YOUR PERIOD GASP. Now you literally couldn’t care less because you know that literally nobody is going to judge you for having a damn period.

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2. You used to have a fit when you got period stains in your underwear. Now you just shrug it off or wear your designated period undies. Life moves on.



3. You were afraid that having your tampon in for even a second over eight hours would lead to TSS and your sudden death. Now…admit it, you’ve totally left your tampon in for longer than that on light days. (Not promoting this behavior, but let’s be real here).

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4. You might have been really hesitant to let your no-period-having partner know that it’s that time of the month. Now you openly let em know that you’re bleeding out of your cooch and they need to deal with it.


5. You used to be embarrassed to talk about your period with your friends. Now you are all openly talking about how annoying it is to suddenly stand up and feel a waterfall of blood pour out of your vagina because, hey, why keep it subtle?



6. You used to be apprehensive about asking a friend for an emergency tampon/pad unless you’re in the bathroom. Now you wouldn’t mind getting a tampon chucked at you from across the room as long as you damn well got it.


7. You only wore dark colors on bottom when you were on your period. Now, you like living on the edge from time to time. Bring on the pastels!



8. You used to be embarrassed to buy your feminine hygine products at the store when there is a male cashier. Now you realize that the dudes ringing it up literally don’t care about your period they just want to get paid and go home.


9. You used to get so stressed out when you woke up covered in your own blood. Now you’re sort of whatever about it.

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10. You used to be afraid of anything fun happening during your period. Now, even if you’re bummed, you definitely don’t let it ruin your good time.



Do you still treat your period the same way that you did early on? What other ways has it changed for you? Tell us in the comments!

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