6 Of The Dumbest Cliches From ’90s Romance Movies

Y’all know I don’t like romantic comedies, but surprisingly, I do like ~romantic~ movies. I especially like romance movies from the ’90s. Ghost is my jam, and I’ve seen Titanic like 100 times. The line between rom-coms and romance movies is often blurred, and there are definitely some that fall into both categories.

Of course, romance movies from the ’90s followed certain formulas. Maybe there was a meet-cute or there was a dramatic situation that broke the couple up. Maybe one person was in a relationship before realizing they were in love with another character. Regardless of the story, ’90s romances probably had these cliches:

Which cliches do you hate the most? What other cliches are there in ’90s romance movies? Tell us in the comments below!
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