The Best And Worst Dating Advice From Scott Eastwood And Britt Robertson

I’m not really about romantic movies, but I jumped at the chance last summer to go to the set of Nicholas Sparks’ latest movie adaptation, The Longest Ride. In the middle of a corn field in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, I got to chat with Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson, and Nicholas Sparks himself!

We spent the entire day on the set featuring bright green grass, picture-perfect farms, and beautiful horses. Oh, and I can confirm that Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson are just as stunning in person as they are on camera. Seriously.

Oh, hey, that's me right behind Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson! (Photo credit: Michael Tackett)

Oh, hey, that’s me right behind Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson! (Photo credit: Michael Tackett)

The characters Luke Collins, a bull rider, and Sophia Danko, a college student, are an unlikely match who fall in madly in love. You can learn a lot from this couple who finds a way to make it work when the movie comes out on April 10th! For now though, you can check out some insights we got from set!

What’s the best and worst dating advice you’ve ever gotten?

Britt Robertson: “Be yourself. Just kidding, the best and worst, I don’t know. I think I had a blind date once and that was horrible, it was the worst experience, I’ll never do it again. Right before the blind date, the girl who set me up was giving me all these notes and tid bits to talk about and blah blah blah. It was so stupid by the way because if you’re going to be fall in love with somebody, especially by a blind date, you want it to be organic and you want to actually feel something as opposed to being forced into the situation. I think, it’s the opposite of my joke prior, just talk about whatever you want to talk about and get to know somebody as quick as possible because people are messed up and you don’t want to be with the messed up ones for very long so make it quick!”

Scott Eastwood: “I think people try to put on a representative when you first meet somebody and instead of doing that just drop all that crap. You don’t have to tell people who you are or all the good things you’re doing like your representative would say just be yourself.”

Photo Credit: Michael Tackett

Photo Credit: Michael Tackett

Britt Robertson on what she took away from the story: “Working with Alan, because he’s been with his wife for over fifty years, not only just his personal relationship but also his professional advice along with that has been really helpful. The main theme that I’m going to take away from this movie and working with him is compassion and empathy. If you have those two things an actor, as a person, as a human being in relationships than you’ll go a long way if you can understand where the other person is coming from. The movie talks a lot about it, it’s about sacrifice and understanding the other person and where they’re coming from so, I’ll try to use that in my own life eventually.”

If you had to sell this movie to teenagers in five words what would they be?

Scott Eastwood: “Love, sex, and bull riding.”

Obviously your books and movies have these epic romances and every teen girl is like “I want that in my life.” Do you think they give unrealistic expectations for teens who are watching that?

Nicholas Sparks: “No. Long relationships are work, that’s it. If you find someone who is willing to work as hard as you are and who has the same end goal, the same ability to compromise and forgive, move on and support and all that then well you’ve got a good shot but it’s still work. That’s what it is but it’s not unrealistic.”

Check out the trailer for The Longest Ride right here and make sure to go see it on April 10!

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