8 Important Things You MUST Know About Cellulite

Something happened in the news today that made me think about something you guys ask about a lot: cellulite. Paparazzi snapped pictures of Iggy Azalea in a bikini on vacation, and the unedited, untouched photos of Iggy just hanging out poolside showed that she has cellulite on her butt. My reaction? Um, SO WHAT? Iggy has a big butt, no surprise there – so why are people surprised that there’s some cellulite on it?!

The upsetting part of this whole story is this: because of the negative reaction to her cellulite, Iggy has decided to quit Twitter. In a series of tweets, she talked about how dealing with all of the hate from critics is making her an angry and unhappy person, and she can’t do it anymore.

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I’m really bummed about this. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have thousands of people pick apart your body every day, and I really can’t imagine what it feels like to come back from vacation, only to see everyone talking about the cellulite on your butt from moments that were supposed to be private. It’s disgusting how people in this society treat each other. People think that because they’re hiding behind a computer, they can say whatever they want, or that because a celebrity is famous, they won’t care about the criticism they get – or maybe even that they deserve it. It’s ridiculous. Just because Iggy is famous doesn’t mean she deserves to have everyone comment on her body this way.

The other thing that’s making me angry about all of this is that it’s about cellulite. Guys, what is the big deal?! It seems like it’s something everyone is obsessed with, and honestly… it’s stupid. If you are freaked about your own cellulite, read on – here are 8 important facts about cellulite you need to know.

What do you think about cellulite? Do you have cellulite? How do you feel about it? Tell me in the comments.

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