10 Surprising Causes Of Infections Down There

Vaginas are really pretty amazing when you think about it. Not only are they a part of our body that self-cleans AND contributes to giving us orgasms, they are also how life happens – literally. It’s really cool to have a vay-jay-jay, because so many cool things are happening down there.

However, there is one thing that really sucks about vaginas, and that is vaginal infections. Every girl who has experienced one knows that infections down there are the absolute worst. Whether you’re dealing with a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis (BV or sometimes just called a bacterial infection), it’s annoying, frustrating, and very uncomfortable. I go out of my way to ensure that I don’t get either of these things, but a lot of girls don’t really give them a second thought.

You should, though, because while BV and yeast infections are common and happen to everyone, they can also be easily prevented. You probably weren’t aware that there are some things you do that can actually cause one of these infections. Want to know more? Read on for 10 surprising causes of yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis:

Do you suffer from regular infections down there? What causes did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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