Why You Need To Get Rid Of This Unrealistic Beauty Standard

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WOW, BEYONCE HAS PORES. BIG…DEAL. No need to hate. | Photo source: BeyonceWorld.com/L’Oreal

Attention! The internet is full of disturbingly petty people. In other news, grass is green, water is wet and donuts are amazing. Okay but seriously, here’s what happened: Unretouched photos of Beyonce from a 2013 L’Oreal campaign were leaked today courtesy of a Beyonce fan site, BeyonceWorld. Predictably, people lost their damn minds and started hating because…Beyonce doesn’t look like an airbrushed mannequin of a human being under harsh lights with heavily applied makeup while taking car of a child, traveling the world, and making music. People on Twitter and The Daily Mail snarked that Beyonce isn’t so “Flawless” after all. They’re acting as if she’s been lying to us or something.

Alternatively, angry members of the BeyHive are claiming that these unretouched photos are actually Photoshopped to make Beyonce look bad.

I know they mean well and don’t want people hating on the Queen Bey, but come on. Beyonce doesn’t even look bad. As I said earlier, she looks like a normal adult woman under harsh lighting with a whole lot of makeup on. Just because she doesn’t match up to some boneheaded idea of perfection doesn’t mean that she inherently looks like crap. Listen, we really need to stop demonizing women for things like this. Beyonce has pores. We all have pores. It is what makes us human and not creepy reptilian looking alien beings. We have lines on our faces, we have congested skin, we have some dark circles under our eyes. We don’t have the privilege of looking photoshopped and while that might be a bummer on those days when we spot that zit rearing its ugly pus-filled head or when we’re unhappy with the coverage of our makeup on a given day, it’s what makes us human. Moving away from Beyonce, I’ve seen the same kind of shaming done to other young women around the internet. Callous people will find a photo of some girl with awesomely applied makeup and then find a photo of the same girl without it and say, “this is why you need to go swimming on a first date” or “this is why I have trust issues.” We live in an era in which seeing a sliver of love handle or a little arm fat or a single pore is unheard of in mainstream multimedia. These so-called flaws are Photoshopped away as if they were never there in the first place. The sad thing is that even though we know this to be true, so many of us still approach these heavily edited photos as the truth. And then when we try to emulate that poreless look, we’re subject to be mocked for not maintaining the look 24/7? What an awful lose lose scenario. Luckily, some people on Twitter with some sense have spoken out against people’s harsh criticism.




Instead of tearing people down, we need to stop hating on people for not constantly matching up with our culture’s twisted view of perfection. Seriously, if we can’t accept that people have pores and lines on their face then what is this world truly coming to?

What do you think about the leaked photos? Do you think people are overreacting? Tell us in the comments!

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