13 Movies That Every Morbid Girl Needs To Watch Before You’re 18

As a morbid girl, my interest in death, doom and gloom isn’t just restricted to creepy thoughts before I go to bed or random Wikipedia searches about serial killers (yeah, I know). It also extends to my interest in movies. That doesn’t mean that I’m into movies that are straight up gory and blood curdling. But stories that are dark and focus on the fragility of mortality are absolutely going to get my attention.

I could easily just list a bunch of war movies but what’s the fun in that? Morbid movies aren’t always cheery, but some are definitely good fun. If you’re a morbid teen girl then you absolutely need to check out these 13 movies. And hey, if your teen years are over, that’s cool too! Just make sure you’re searching for these movies on Netflix ASAP, too!

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

Here's something you've probably never seen: A story about an Iranian vampire chick. This movie is beautifully shot and super mysterious. Plus, the soundtrack is on point. If you're into weird indie movies with subtitles, you're definitely in for a treat.

Addams Family Values

Morbid in the best, most fun loving way possible. It makes you want to start a weird, morbid little family of your own...with a pet hand. But seriously, if you've never ventured into the Addams Family, this is the movie that'll make you fall in love.


Beetlejuice is about a couple that recently died in a car crash only to find out that the folks who now own their home are THE WORST. So they call in for the services of Beetlejuice who tries to scare them away. Literally, the only decent person living in that home is Lydia, a goth teen girl who can see the ghosts. This movie is a classic and should shoot to the top of your watch list...NOW.


This '70s movie is such a classic that it is referenced in movies and TV shows and cartoons to this day. Mix an awkward, repressed teen girl with awful bullies and crazy powers and you have...total, utter calamity. If you're sensitive about blood, definitely stay away from this one.

Donnie Darko

This movie is the classic morbid teen movie and for good reason: It's weird, twisted and features a young Jake Gyllenhaal, who experiences apocalyptic visions. Ooh, spooky, right?

Ginger Snaps

If you're into movies about female friendship with a side of OH MY GOD I'M TURNING INTO A WEREWOLF...then you're going to want to watch Ginger Snaps ASAP.

Harold And Maude

This dark comedy about a morbid 19-year-old who falls in love with a 79-year-old woman is a cult favorite. It's got romance, hilarity, fake deaths and a lot of heart.


If you're into '80s teen movies, why not watch the most morbid one of them all? Heathers is the darkest of dark teen comedies, so be warned of some sensitive subject matters that will be brought up.

Pan's Labryinth

If you like how grim old school fairytales can be then you should absolutely watch Pan's Labryinth. Warning: If you're not into scary movies and body horror, you might not be too jazzed about this film. That said, it's absolutely excellent.


If you're into psychological thrillers with a side of angsty romance and body horror, check out Possession. It's definitely not a horror movie in the sense that you'll jump out of your seat, but it's still super dark and super freaky.

Rosemary's Baby

Every horror movie out these days seems to be about possession. Too bad they're all garbage! If you're into the '60s and want to watch a movie about possession that's actually good, then you need to watch Rosemary's Baby.

Edward Scissorhands

If you haven't seen this movie yet you need to get your life together. It's about a dude with scissors for hands who falls in love--with Winona Ryder's character, making this the third movie on this list that she is in. Wow, Winona is a morbid queen. Also, did I mention that he has scissors for hands? HE HAS SCISSORS FOR HANDS. How does he go to the bathroom?

The Craft

Female friendship with a side of witchcraft, betrayal, and awfulness? Yes, yes please. Also, if you want some '90s style inspo, look no further.

What other morbid movies would you rec? What about TV shows? Tell us in the comments!

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