Would You Rather: Enemy Edition

When you hear the word “enemy,” chances are a not-so-special someone comes to mind pretty quick. They are the Scar to your Mufasa. The Ursala to your Ariel. The really creepy, evil war lord dude that is totally trying to take over China to your Mulan.


You know, this creeper.

They are your own, real-life Disney villain. Which, as you know, isn’t as fun as it sounds.

Point is, we all have enemies in life. They are people who just try to bring you down. People who you can’t stand to be around for even a few seconds (let alone a whole class period!). People who you are just not compatible with in any way whatsoever. Yep, enemies truly are terrible. Usually the best way to deal is to just ignore the haters and do your own thing. But we all know that is hard — and sometimes impossible.

You are going to have to deal with your enemy, whether you like it or not. So, in this week’s Would You Rather, we are pushing you to your limit. Prepare yourself.

In Would You Rather: Enemy Edition, you’ll be faced with pretty terrible situations involving your enemy. How deep does your hatred run? Take the quiz to find out!


















Phew, that was tough! So, which was the hardest decision to make? How do you deal with your enemy? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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