10 Ridiculous Yahoo Answers Questions About Body Hair

From the minute girls start noticing our legs are a little on the hairy side, we’re socialized to lose our minds and freak out. Being hairy is seen as masculine, dirty, and unattractive. We ignore the fact that hairiness is natural and we make sure to get rid of it ASAP.

We’re all about girls and women making decisions about how they decide to treat their body hair. Hey, not everyone is into having hairy pits, but might want to shave their legs. Some girls are going to dye their armpit hair pink, but make sure to get bikini waxes on the regular. Some might remove any and all pesky body hair, some might leave it all there with an IDGAF shrug. With that said, we cannot deny the fact that girls and women have been socialized to see body hair as something that’s unattractive.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who don’t have as much of a nuanced approach to personal decisions as we like to profess here at Gurl. And by that I mean there are a lot of jerks out there who will decide whether or not to date you based on how much hair is on your ankle. Check out these 10 ridiculous Yahoo Answers questions about body hair and cringe at the stupid.


1. That’s…dedication.

Yahoo Answers Questions Body Hair 3

batman laugh

2. How is this a deal breaker?

Yahoo Answers Questions Body Hair 5

clueless snob and a half


3. There are weirder turn ons, dude.

Yahoo Answers Questions Body Hair 16

thumbs up sarcastic


Yahoo Answers Questions Body Hair 6



5. I don’t think this guy knows how body parts work.

Yahoo Answers Questions Body Hair 13

everybody hates chris say what


6. TV should always be the standard of what’s normal, right? Right.

Yahoo Answers Questions Body Hair 12

austin powers dancing gif


7. This…is the worst idea ever.

Yahoo Answers Questions Body Hair 4


8. Why is this dude freaking out though?

Yahoo Answers Questions Body Hair 11

calm down gif


9. Feminists and normal women are two different things. Cool.

Yahoo Answers Questions Body Hair 14

susie rugrats blink unimpressed


10. Skanky?

Yahoo Answers Questions Body Hair 18

princess bride that word means


Do you think it’s time for people to feel less self-conscious about body hair? How intense are you about hair removal? Tell us in the comments!

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