The 15 Best Freshman Year Vs. Senior Year Memes Ever

I feel like lately, every time I go on Twitter, I see another “freshman year vs. senior year” meme. What does this mean? It’s basically comparing two things, one awesome, one not so awesome. It’s usually comparing the same person to what they used to look like, to what they look like now, but sometimes it’s more than one person.

The basic gist of the meme is that when you’re a freshman, you’re still very much figuring yourself out, and maybe you didn’t, um, present yourself in the best way possible. Whereas when you’re a senior, you’re more comfortable with yourself, and you know how to look and be your best. Usually.

It’s a teensy bit offensive, but it’s also very true. When I look back at what I was like as a freshman in high school, I am horrified. To give you some hints, I wore a lot of blue eye shadow and regularly tried to copy Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s crazy hairstyles. It was an interesting time.

Anyway, I love this meme, so I wanted to round up my favorite. Here are the 15 best freshman year vs. senior year memes you’ll find online:


Here’s Nicki Minaj during her first Grammy’s appearance, and this year. Amazing!!!


These are Rihanna’s two looks from the Grammy’s this year, and yup… this is totally accurate.


Hey, your style changes a lot in four years!


Is there any better example?


In case you forgot how much Taylor Swift changed….


LOL remember what Chuck Bass was like in the first season of Gossip Girl?


Ooooh Miley.


They always had money though!


First, you care too much. Then, you don’t care at all.


Hay Shay!




Poor Obama.

Another very correct Grammy’s comparison.




Which one of these is your favorite? Which do you dislike? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.

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