14 Characters Who Were Part Of Your Childhood Sexual Awakening

It’s possible to know what we find sexy before we even know what sex is. How? I have no idea. But you have to admit feeling some kind of special way about that kid in your kindergarten class or–better yet–that Disney character you watched on an old VHS player.

Many of us feel attraction or start to have some sort of base level understanding of sex appeal at an early age, and it’s often to fictional characters. Come on, admit it, you totally had a crush on a cartoon or thought that some girl in a movie was totally hot. If you need some coaxing, check out these 14 characters that were part of your childhood sexual awakening. And if you didn’t, well…we sure did.



Charming, shirtless, a little scruffy...whats not to like about Aladdin? Even if you didn't unknowingly want to jump his bones, you at least wanted to be BFFs with this dude.

David Bowie In Labryinth

Listen, the Goblin King was full of dark sexual energy. You know, kind of like when people who write smutty Harry Potter fan fiction turn Draco or Snape into leather clad sex machines. Think that, except with David Bowie and not within some girl's FanFiction.net account. We got the Goblin King toying with some pretty young girl (weird but intriguing), a whole lot of downstairs bulge and musical numbers. What else is sexier to an eight-year-old? Hint: Nothing.

All Of The Sailor Soldiers In Sailor Moon

Yes, Sailor Moon is awesome because it embraces girls kicking ass and the power of female friendship But Were you not a little turned on when these girls would transform and they'd be sort of naked? Just a little?

Salem From Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Fellow Gurl writer Caitlin cites Salem the cat as one of the biggest influences in her childhood sexual awakening. Honestly, that's fair enough. He's a wise cracking cat that likes to eat. Who doesn't look for that in a partner?

Jasmine In Her Red Outfit In Aladdin

Maybe this is wrong since this is what she wore against her will when she was Jafar's weird psuedo-slave but holy crap she was a babe. A friend of mine has once admitted that she definitely knew that she liked girls after seeing Jasmine in this little getup.

Legolas In Lord Of The Rings

Blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, static line delivery...okay, ignore the shade (even though it's true) but you can't ignore that there was something about Legolas that was kind of sexy.

Simba In The Lion King

It's wrong to be attracted to a lion but is it okay if it is fictional and you're, like, five years old? Pretty sure that's allowed.

Jack Skellington In The Nightmare Before Christmas

Chances are, if Jack Skellington was a part of your childhood sexual awakening, you have since graduated to thinking that Edward Scissorhands--another Tim Burton creation--is a total dream boat. Hey, no jugement.

Evil!Odette In The Swan Princess

Did anyone else watch this straight to video gem? If not, to make a long story short, it's sort of based on Swan Lake...just with more action, adventure and singing animals. Anyway, there is a part in which an evil version of Odette exists--kind of like the black swan--and she wears this rad black and red dress. Va va voom. Evil never looked so hot, honestly.

Max (And Allison) In Hocus Pocus

Uh, was it just me or was it kind of really inexplicably hot when Max was moaning about Allison into his pillow? Not just me, right? Please tell me and my nine-year-old self that we're not alone.

Sexy!Sandy In Grease

The ending of Grease teaches us a horrible lesson: Change who you are so that you can hook up with John Travolta--er, Danny Zuko, a greaser. But as awful as this was, you have to admit that Sandy was a babe in her skin tight all black everything.

The Fox Version Of Robin Hood In Robin Hood

Can anyone put their finger on why this fox is weirdly attractive? Can science provide us with any clues?

Hallie In her Pink Velvet Dress In My Date With The President's Daughter

Okay, if you've watched this Disney Channel classic and never thought that this little pink velvit mini cami dress was the sexiest thing that ever sexied, then you're lying to yourself and your country. Fix it. Admit it. Embrace it.

Curdie In The Princess And The Goblins

If you're aware of this obscure cartoon movie then please tell the author of this post immediately. Then, admit that you had a bit of a crush on Curdie, the miner's son with a heart and voice of gold. Hm, might explain my love of dudes with long hair.

Okay, so what other characters were a part of yours? Which ones are you super embarrassed about today? Do any explain a lot about your taste in dudes/girls? Tell us in the comments!

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  • haley

    Maybe Violet (and maybe Helen) from the incredibles, because I am just now realizing that they may have had an influence on me also liking girls….

  • Mary

    Really thought that i was the only person who ever saw the Princess and the Goblins. Also (i guess this isn’t really childhood because it’s recent) Jack Frost in Rise of the Guardians was a beautiful, animated, boy.

  • Kay

    You forgot the ginger cat from the Aristocats…

  • Saeryen

    Where’s Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender??

    • Ashley Reese