7 Pieces Of Life Advice From Shay Mitchell Every Girl Needs To Hear Now

Here’s a little treat for all of the Pretty Little Liars fans out there: Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we managed to get dating advice (and so much more) from one of our favorite young actresses out there, Shay Mitchell. I got to chat with Shay the other day, and as expected, she was super friendly and sweet – and willing to give us so much amazing advice that I know you guys need to hear.

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Shay has partnered up with SweeTART® Ropes (the newest candy from SweeTART) for it’s new Get Roped In Dating Show, which is “a one-of-a-kind, live dating experience, with fun and flirty challenges (on-air with Shay Mitchell) made especially for millenials, many of whom have been roped into online dating but are now looking for new ways to make fun and flirty connections.” The show involves three digital celebrities as well (Ryan Tellez, Meghan Rienks, and Catherine Valdes), and involves fans trying to spark a connection with them through a series of challenges. The winners actually get to go on a date with the YouTube stars after the show.

It sounds like so much fun, and Shay agrees. When we asked her about it, she said: “I’ve always been a fan of SweeTARTs candy, but when I found out they were coming out with the new SweeTARTs® Ropes, I was really excited to try it, and it’s now become my new guilty pleasure. But, not so guilty, because there are no artificial flavors or coloring in the SweeTARTs® Ropes, so I’m excited about that. I’m really excited to host it and get to play Cupid!”

What else did Shay have to say? We got advice from her on what to wear on a first date, how to be more confident, and how to look your most beautiful at all times – plus, behind-the-scenes info on Pretty Little Liars. Here is the life advice you never knew you needed from Shay Mitchell:

Are you a fan of Shay Mitchell or Pretty Little Liars? What was your favorite part of the interview? Tell us in the comments.

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