8 Ways To Deal With Your Bully That Actually Work, According To The Stars Of The DUFF

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So we know that you are all not-so-patiently waiting for the release of The DUFF on February 20. I mean, have you seen the trailers? This thing is going to be hilarious.

Well, we were lucky enough to chat with three stars of The DUFF — Mae Whitman, Skyler Samuels, and Bianca Santos — about the movie and a cool new project they are working on. What’s the project, you ask? We’ve got all the details.

Mae, Skyler, and Bianca were all recently a big part of the Secret Mean Stinks campaign’s Biggest. Assembly. Ever. on February 4. At the assembly, they chatted with high school students both in person and via live streaming about the impact of bullying. The campaign focuses especially on cyber bullying, which we all know is a huge issue.

The girls were brave enough to share some of their personal stories with bullying and to give some tips on how to deal with bullies during the assembly. And they wanted to pass those tricks on to you!

So, how do you deal with your real life bully? Check out what Mae, Skyler, and Bianca had to say.

Before You Do Anything, Try To Understand Your Bully.

I know this sounds strange, but Mae put it beautifully: “Try to look beyond [the bullying] and try to really understand it. Try to understand where it is coming from. Try to understand why that person would need to make you feel like less than. Understand that it must come from a place of real pain and insecurity about themselves. And there must be something in you that they wish they had, or that they feel threatened by or afraid of, so they keep trying to bring you down. If you recognize that, it’s really sort of sad. When you understand that it’s coming from a place of fear and sadness, it kind of loses all of its power.”

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Focus On The Positive People In Your Life.

Skyler said: “It’s so much more powerful to be a friend than it is to be a bully. Especially with cyberbullying, instead of focusing on the negative comments or the things that might be written, to focus on the things that are positive and that you do appreciate. I personally like to celebrate people who take the time to say something nice.”

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Don’t Let Negative Labels Define You.

Bianca told us: “I hope the message that comes across [in The DUFF] is that yeah, we are going to be labelled in life. [But] you can either let that define who you are, or you can choose to become the best version of yourself.”

Source: Instagram

Always Be Ready To Take a Step Back.

This is super important, so listen up. Skyler said: “We need to just make sure we are always taking a step back from our cyber world. [We need to] remember who we are talking to and how we are talking to each other…It’s just important to keep it real and step back once in a while.”

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Recognize How Awesome You Are!

Mae said: “It usually is the lights that shine the brightest that people feel threatened by. If you are usually the target of stuff, it means that you have something that others wish that they had…Know that the world needs you to be who you are in your own special way!”

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Always Help A Friend Out Who Is Going Through a Rough Time.

Bianca reminded us of the power of friendship when she said: “I think it takes a tremendous amount of strength to stand beside those people that are bullied. Being just like, “Hey, do you want to just hang out?” or “Come sit with me at lunch?” A lot of times, it is an opportunity for you to become friends with people who have amazing personalities and you didn’t even know it!”

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And Remember…

As Skyler said: “The most important thing in school – and in life – is to love you for who you are, and not who you think you should be.”

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And, Finally, A Super Sweet Message From Bianca.

“You are beautiful and you are wonderful and you are perfect. And things may be hard at times and you may feel like people don’t understand you, but you are who you are for a reason. And know that you are wonderful and that life is beautiful. That’s my message to high school girls because I think I needed that in high school.”

Source: Instagram

What do you think of Mae, Skyler, and Bianca’s advice? How do you deal with bullying? Let us know in the comments below!

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