20 Things Celebrities Actually Looked Like At The Grammys

The Grammy awards are happening right now, but I think the real show was watching the red carpet, and checking out what all of the celebrities in attendance were wearing. When it comes to outrageous red carpet formal wear, you can’t get much better than the Grammys. Musicians are willing to take a risk on this night of the year, and it’s fabulous. Well, okay, sometimes it’s fabulous. Other times, it’s insane.

Take tonight, for example. We’ve seen Iggy Azalea wearing a braid crown that upstaged her gorgeous blue dress, Rihanna wearing a gigantic pink confection of a dress, and Kim Kardashian walking around in what looks like a decadent bathrobe. Of course, the Internet has had many thoughts, and most are hilarious. Here are 20 things celebrities looked like at the Grammys:

I love you Ri-Ri, but this is accurate.  


Twitter knows no bounds.




Kim K channeling the dude from Shrek


OMG this is perfect.  


This is probably my favorite thing from the whole night.


Find the lie.  

OMG I cannot.


Is it weird that I’m hungry now?


Good choices.



It’s almost too easy.



I mean, I love cupcakes, but the answer is Rihanna.


LOL wut.  


Fashion inspiration!


Nailed it.  


I mean, yes.




The bird nest comparisons won’t stop.  


Which of the looks was your favorite? What did we forget? Tell me in the comments.

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