15 Stupid Yahoo Answers Questions About Being Slutty

Listen, here at Gurl we’re 100 percent against slut shaming. We hate the word slut, we never call anyone on the site a slut, and frankly, we get grossed out when we see other people do just that. Why? It’s a gendered word that simply shames women for daring to be sexual in any way, shape, or form. If someone wants to have sex, let them have sex. OMG, let them live. As long as they’re not hurting anyone or themselves, it ain’t anybody’s business. Also, the word is unfairly placed on women who are victims of sexual assault (the “asking for it” mentality) and anyone who dares to revealing clothing or even leggings. People just love calling women sluts, and that’s just disgusting.

You don’t even want us to get into how much of a double standard accompanies the term slut. Men’s sexuality is lauded while women’s is mocked. WTF?

Unfortunately, the rest of the universe hasn’t quite caught up with the fact that slut is a nasty word. Fortunately, this has led to these aforementioned people to ask really stupid questions about being slutty and we’re going to call them out. So check out these 10 Yahoo Answers questions about sluts that will make you lose faith in humanity, but hopefully our snark will restore it.


1. Uh, what?

Yahoo Answers Questions Sluts 16

skins grace um


2. No.

Yahoo Answers Questions Sluts 6



3. SMDH.

Yahoo Answers Questions Sluts 13


4. Right, that’s how it works…

Yahoo Answers Questions Sluts 15

beavis and butthead shut up


5. Let your friend live oh my God…

Yahoo Answers Questions Sluts 4



6. The eternal question!

Yahoo Answers Questions Sluts 10



7. Yeah, no, nobody asks to be harassed. Thanks!

Yahoo Answers Questions Sluts 5

clueless cher as if get off of me


8. Can I get “It’s called gender roles, bitch” tattooed on my body?

Yahoo Answers Questions Sluts 1

naomi campbell you're an idiot


9. Why would anyone create a group from this?

Yahoo Answers Questions Sluts 11

rocky beach hug


10. With honey.

Yahoo Answers Questions Sluts 12

holi some girls donut sex gesture


11. Nice Guy™ alert!

Yahoo Answers Questions Sluts 7

beyonce boo hoo crying


12. Just…no.

Yahoo Answers Questions Sluts 2



13. Have an exorcism, duh.

Yahoo Answers Questions Sluts 3

mommy beyond the door exorcism scary


14. Not quite.

Yahoo Answers Questions Sluts 14



15. No comment.

Yahoo Answers Questions Sluts 8

dear white people wtf


Have you ever experienced slut shaming? What’s the worst double standard that you think women experience? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Brianna8675309

    Slut shaming is so horrible. Ive kinda been slut shamed by my close friend and she claimed it was a joke. I wore jeans that werent even tight or low cut, just had a small hole in the knee, to school in eighth grade. And she says to me: “slutbag: Are you trying to get raped?”
    I walked away, and literally didnt speak to her (or even eye contact) for the rest of the school day. After school, i got a text from her saying she was sorry, it was a joke.

    I found no humor in any of that comment. Honestly i was very upset with her for saying that to me. But im a forgiving person, and i texted her back “why the f*** did you say that to me?”

    “I dunno.”

    I was just like whatever. Im not in the mood to text right now.