Can You Get Pregnant Even If You’re A Virgin?

Hi Heather,

I’m totally freaked out and I need help. I’m a virgin, but I’m scared that I might be pregnant. My boyfriend and I were fooling around with no clothes on, and he finished on my thigh. Even though we cleaned up and we’ve never had sex, I’m really worried that something could have happened because my period is late. I feel so stupid for asking this, but is it possible to get pregnant even if you’re a virgin? Please help!

First of all: you have no reason to feel stupid. You’re not the first person to ask this question, and you most certainly won’t be the last. In fact, I was once in the exact same position as you. I was a virgin, but my boyfriend and I were fooling around half-clothed one day, and I got very freaked out that something had happened, and that I was somehow pregnant. I had terrible visions of having baby before I ever even had sex, and it was really nerve-wracking! I know how scary this thought is, and I totally understand where you’re coming from.

The unfortunate truth is that, yes, you actually can get pregnant even if you’ve never had sex with a guy. If sperm gets on your vagina, it can swim up there and impregnate you. HOWEVER, and this is a big however (hence the caps), this is rare. It does not happen all the time. Your chances of getting pregnant when you’ve never had sex are much, much lower than they would be if you had penetrative sex. The chance of getting pregnant because he came on your thigh is much lower than even if you just had unprotected sex and he didn’t finish. Basically, the chance is very small. 

But that doesn’t change the fact that the chance is still there, and that’s enough to freak you out. In your situation, I would say that you’re more than likely safe. If he finished on your thigh, the chances of the sperm swimming up your vag are slim to none, even if you were completely naked. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. There are so many reasons your period could be late, and one of them could be stress. If you’re spending all your time worrying about when you’re going to get your period, this can actually delay the process. Try to relax. If you can’t, there’s no harm in buying a pregnancy test to give yourself some peace of mind.

The next time you’re fooling around nakey with your boyfriend, just be a little extra cautious. He can finish on your body if that’s what you guys want, just make sure it’s not on your vay-jay-jay area. And when you do have sex, make sure you use a condom the entire time so that you’re both protected. I hope this helps you!

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Why is your period so late if you’re not having sex?

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  • Liam M

    I would like to find out – can my girlfriend get pregnant if I finge*ed her with precum on my finger?
    Firstly, it was about 10 minutes after I touched my precum, and I probably wiped it on her pants or body before I put my finger inside. I also think I used a different finger, but I don’t know.
    She’s a virgin, and only 16. I’m stressing and I don’t know whether she’s going to get pregnant or not. I always overthink situations.
    Please help me..

  • gui

    I would like to ask po about sex
    I have menstruation it was Nov 1,2,3,4 and then I have menstruation again In Nov. 28,29 and 30 2016
    Then I commit sex in Nov.30 and then he didn’t widraw
    Is this a possible that I become pregnant?

    • Flora Khan

      Yes but if u again fuck with me also

  • Armagaan Ansari

    What to do if virgin got pregnant?

  • Dev

    Full naked sex but no intercourse only finger after 30 days of her period start now today total 44 days her last period start can she pregnant

    • Flora Khan


  • Katherine Zelaya

    Is there a chance of me getting pregnant if I was on top of my BF naked moving around but he had boxers on ? ! K

  • snjy neo

    i had a question that i and my gf had unprotected sex last night and after having that she ven had a smart pill..and she is still virgin…..can she have pregnancy..

  • jess

    if your boyfriend was wearing protection and then cumed and like he took it off and rubbed it against the girlfriend, would you be pregnant ? :O

    • JustJenna

      It’s possible, but unlikely.

    • arrownoir.

      No, what kind of idiocy is this?