10 Thoughts You’ll Have If You’re Single On Valentine’s Day

Even though the overlords of Valentine’s Day want to say that it’s a holiday for everyone, there’s still a weird feeling you get when you’re single on V-Day. This holiday should be an opportunity for people to celebrate love of all kinds like for your best friend or your cat or your family. Unfortunately, when the 14th actually rolls around and all the couples go out on dates, the single folk are left feeling, well, kinda left out.

I don’t even like doing Valentine’s Day when I’m in a relationship because I love everyone in my life every single day. I don’t like the idea of picking one day that’s more special. (Although, I do love the chocolate.) I actually am not going to be single on Valentine’s Day this year (more on that later), but I was last year and that was a little tough.

1. Is everyone in a relationship except for me?

I mean, basically.

2. Is it sad to buy chocolate for myself?

Whatever. I’m doing it anyway.

3. If I wait until tomorrow though, all of the chocolate will be on sale.

4. Maybe I should text my ex…

(You should absolutely not do that.)

5. I should have planned a Galentine’s Day party.

Next year, for sure.

6. What even is this holiday anyway?

Why is everything pink and red? Like who decided on those ~romantic~ colors?

7. I hope I don’t hear my parents having sex later.


8. Should I get into the spirit of things and watch a rom-com?

LOL no.

9. I wonder if I’m going to always be single on Valentine’s Day?

Surely not.

10. Whatever. This day is one day out of the year. BEING SINGLE IS ACTUALLY AWESOME.

Why am I caring now just because of some dumb holiday?!
Are you going to be single on V-Day this year? How are you feeling about it? Tell us in the comments below!
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