7 Totally Shocking Facts About Emojis You Never Knew

I freaking love emojis so much. I use them all the time to the point where some of my friends and I don’t even use real words anymore. Emojis only. Emojis are the best. There are so many possibilities with those little guys, even though we need a lot more diverse ones.

But emojis are kind of mysterious. They sort of showed up out of nowhere, right? Wrong! Emojis have been around for a long time, and there are a lot of things you didn’t know about them:

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  • tru

    My is the human

  • akeela lucius


  • AgainstTheWall

    we must end this craze. say no to emojis!

  • Another reason to invent time travel so I can go back to the 1800’s

  • AzinKoro

    Time to use emojis more often 😉

  • Interesting

  • Kraid

    Ok, now I’ll just use tons of emojis and have tons of sex, thanks gurl.com……in all seriousness, fuck this article. This is just click bait to get more traffic, these facts aren’t “shocking”, and most of it is bullshit.

  • Kraid

    Is this article fucking serious?

  • willky flame

    This is THE most bull$#*t post I have ever seen. Thank you for the laugh.
    Seriously, if the results were the other way around it would be people who use emojis are less likely to have sex. Until there is proof certain variables that make people use emojis are connected to the ones that make you sexually appealing this is a joke.

  • Changed my life