18 Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $25 For Your New Boyfriend That Won’t Freak Him Out

Valentine’s Day can be pretty rough for a new couple, especially when you haven’t started saying “I love you” just yet, or you just defined your relationship a few weeks ago. There is all this love in the air, and while that can be nice, it also tends to put a lot of pressure on you to do something romantic and adorable – even if it doesn’t seem like you’re quite there yet.

And the gift options? Don’t even get me started. Every Valentine’s Day appropriate gift option seems to have the word “love” somewhere on it, meaning they’re off-limits if you haven’t said those three little words yet. Other gifts may seem too elaborate for your new couple status – you don’t want to freak him out, you know? Well, I’m here to help. Here are 18 Valentine’s Day gift ideas under $25 that won’t make him nervous. And they’re cheap!

Which of these gift ideas is your favorite? Which would you buy for your boyfriend? What did we forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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