Reader Hookup Confession: Oral Sex Got Gross When He Made Me Gag

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Okay, so my boyfriend and I had been dating for about a month or so, and we were hanging out at his house. No one was home, so the whole place was ours. After having a bunch of little makeout sessions for a while, we decided to go further. It wasn’t my first time giving him oral sex so I kind of knew exactly what he liked and didn’t like.

In the meantime, being the amazing girlfriend that I am, I let him watch the football game on TV (Packers vs. Seahawks). Two minutes in, I could hear he was enjoying every bit of it. Then his favorite team scored, putting them in the lead. Unfortunately, his happiness made him flex his you know what, which activated my gag reflex.

Luckily, I made it to the bathroom just in time, leaving my boyfriend shocked, confused, embarrassed, and most of all, unfinished. We still laugh about it all the time, especially when watching football, but I’ve learned my lesson. PS: the Seahawks won, 28-22.

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  • Liana

    I guess his friggin penis was too big then…