Would You Rather: Hot Women Celebs or Precious Kittens?

Last week, we gave our favorite male celebs the hard challenge of battling it out against some adorable puppies. It was the clearly the roughest round of would you rather ever.

That is, until now.

This week, it’s the ladies turn. Whether you want to date Demi or become BFFs with Beyoncé, your favorite celeb women already have a pretty special place in your heart. But all celeb crushes  can’t outlast the power of cute, cuddly kittens. Trust us. It’s seriously impossible.

So this week, we task your favorite women in music and movies with beating out some super cute kittens in the battle for your heart. This one is going to be rough, girls. Take a deep breath, and prepare yourself for some impossible choices. We’re sorry it had to come to this.


emma watson cat

nicki minaj cat

.beyonce cat

jennifer lawrence cat


demi lovato cat

emma stone cat

kristen stewart cat

shailene woodley cat

shay mitchell cat

taylor swift cat


Phew, that was tough! Which was the hardest choice to make? Did you choose more cuddly kitten or famous celeb ladies? Tell us about it in the comments below!


Would You Rather: Hot Male Celebs or Adorable Puppies?

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  • someoneyoudon’tknow

    I just realized that i am a crazy cat lady!