The 20 Best Reactions And Memes To Katy Perry’s Halftime Show

In case you’re hanging out in another universe and didn’t realize, the Super Bowl happened tonight. While I wish I could say I like football, and I care about who wins or loses, and I’m totally into it, I can’t. I don’t care about football. I don’t know what football terms means. I am not familiar with the Seahawks or the Patriots. In fact, I’ve spent the last few hours locked in a bedroom having a Gilmore Girls marathon.

I did, however, take a break to watch Katy Perry during the much awaited halftime show. Everyone watches the halftime show, especially when a performer like Katy will be there. Katy is energetic, fun, unpredictable, and slightly ridiculous in the best way possible. She was guaranteed to put on a show that we would all talk about, and she did. She did it so well that she inspired a thousand memes.

Here are the 20 best reactions and memes to Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show. Enjoy! Back to Gilmore Girls for me it is.


Tell me she wouldn’t have fit in with Katniss and Peeta.


The eternal question.


You can’t say it’s not accurate.




Pretty solid Photoshop work.




Pokemon forever!


But… but… I have so many questions.




This is SO GOOD.


I’m crying.


But in a good way, you know?


Seriously, NO CHILL.


Safety first!


So accurate.


Why is this making me laugh SO hard right now.




Okay, this is too cute.




Please take a cue from Katy.


Which of these reactions and/or memes was your favorite? Have you been watching the Super Bowl? What did you think of Katy Perry? Tell me in the comments.

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