26 Of Our Best Posts About Feminism That Will Make You Angry

We write about feminism a lot here, because it’s something that is incredibly important to us. But no matter how often we write about it, and how matter how much we explain it, it still seems like a lot of you are confused on what feminism is. Instead of focusing on the basic definition of feminism – which is that men and women should be equal – you focus on the stereotypes surrounding feminism. You focus on the misrepresentation of feminists as a bunch of angry, bra-burning women who hate men and never shave.

Because so many of you still think the wrong thing about feminism, you get pretty angry about our posts about it. Sure, there are plenty of you who understand the real meaning, and who get what we’re trying to say. And we love you for that! But we really want all of you to understand and stand behind gender equality, because it is SO important. So, here are 26 of our best posts about feminism that might make you angry… in one way or another.


Things Said About Feminism That Will Make You Say WTF

mean girls

7 Reasons Feminism Should Totally Be Banned From Life

12 Ridiculous Yahoo Answers Questions About Feminism

12 Reasons Women Think They Don’t Need Feminism

7 Reasons To Ditch Your Boyfriend If He’s Not A Feminist

15 Unfair Gender Roles We Wish Didn’t Exist

What To Do If Your Boyfriend Is Not A Feminist


So… Are You A Feminist?

michelle obama

15 Things You Must Do Before Calling Yourself A Feminist

10 Questions All Feminists Are Really Sick Of Answering

How Much Of A Feminist Are You? Take Our Quiz To Find Out

10 Things You Can Do And STILL Be A Feminist

Can You Be A Feminist and Still Hate Other Women?

Can You Be Sexy AND A Feminist?

Does Using The Word Bitch Mean You’re Not A Feminist?

Is Fashion Anti-Feminist?


Celebrities and Feminism


12 Of The Worst Celebrity Quotes About Feminism That Show They Have No Idea What It Means

15 Male Celebrities Who Have Talked About Feminism and Supporting Women

17 Of The Coolest Celebrities Who Support Gender Equality

10 Of Our Favorite Female Empowering Hip-Hop Artists


Things That Are Wrong With Feminism


7 Things This Feminist Thinks Are Wrong With Feminism

I Feel Like Feminism Leaves Me and Other Women Of Color Out


Feminism Power! 

jess new girl

10 Female Empowerment Illustrations You’ll Love

7 Feminist Clothes and Accessories You Need To Rock ASAP

15 Feminist Cross-Stitchings You Didn’t Know You Needed

Why Feminist Porn Is Crucial To Women

25 Reasons You Need Feminism

7 Amazing Girls Who Changed The World in 2014


Which of these posts is your favorite? How do you feel about feminism? Tell us in the comments.

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