15 Photos From #EffYourBeautyStandards That Will Inspire You To Feel Good About Yourself

You’ve probably seen a hashtag called #effyourbeautystandards trending this week. It was started by the beautiful Tess Munster, who is the first plus-size model of her height and size to land a major modeling contract. Munster was just signed by Milk Models but has been working in the industry for years.

Now a super successful woman in the industry, Munster was once told that she was too short and too big to be a plus-size model. She even dropped out of her high school due to bullying, but she never let any of that stop her. This inspiring lady started #effyourbeautystandards in an effort to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to say “Screw you!” to society’s idea of beauty so everyone can feel good about themselves. The hashtag is full of women (and men!) who are posting photos of themselves rocking their bodies along with inspirational quotes and messages.

It’s pretty amazing. Check out some of the photos and feel free to post your own to the hashtag!!

1. This girl working a floral skirt like it’s nobody’s business

2. This woman who looks stunning in just a bra and underwear*

*Eyebrows on FLEEK. WOW.

3. This powerful and true as heck statement

4. This woman looking fierce as all get out in some incredible swimwear

5. This woman working some floral harem pants that I need in my life

6. This lady in the cutest swimsuit ever known to man

7. This beautiful blue-haired gal who has one of the coolest dressed ever

8. This majestic woman in Mickey Mouse couture

9. These matching gal pals who work Peter Pan collars better than Peter Pan

10. This woman who’s killing it in leggings

11. This guy who helps us remember that men need to feel amazing too

12. This lavender-haired vixen who is making you want purple hair right now

13. This woman who proves black is the new black

14. This girl who has a shirt that we ALL need

15. And the incredible Tess Munster herself just being the most fierce

What do you think about this movement? Are you going to post an #effyourbeautystandards selfie? Tell us in the comments below!
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