10 Things Single Girls Need To Buy So You’re Not Sad On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up in a couple of weeks, in case you couldn’t tell by the obnoxious purple, pink, and red decorations and chocolates everywhere. V-Day is notoriously annoying for single people because the holiday is generally focused on couples. Why can only couples be in love? Why is it “sad” to celebrate love with your best friend or when you’re single?

I hate Valentine’s Day because I think it’s weird to have one day where you’re supposed to show your love for someone more than any other day. And for some reason people think it’s sad that I’m single on V-Day, which I also don’t understand. I like being single right now, and for Valentine’s Day, I’m going to celebrate the love I have for myself. If you’re single and feeling bummed, treat yourself!

Are you going to be single on Valentine’s Day? Are you going to get a gift for yourself? Tell us in the comments below!
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