Would You Rather: Hot Male Celebs or Adorable Puppies?

Chances are, you day dream about your celebrity crush on a daily basis. Likeway-too-often-to-count daily. Whether you long to hang with Harry Styles or want to imprint on Taylor Lautner, you can probably agree that there is nothing better than a hot male celeb. Or is there …?

How about puppies? That’s right. Cute, cuddly puppies. Puppies are probably the most fantastic animal on earth, which makes them the perfect match for these dapper, dashing men. Yep, these male celebrity cuties have definitely met their match in our latest edition of would you rather

So, would you rather spend quality time with these famous guys, or some out-of-this-world cute puppies? Get ready to see where your heart truly lies, girls!

harry styles puppy

ed sheeran puppy

ansel elgort puppy

taylor lautner puppy

dylan o brien puppy

zefron puppy

miles teller puppy

michael b jordan puppy

liam hemsworth puppy

ian somerhalder puppy


Which choice was the hardest to make? Did you vote for more hot guys or happy pups? Tell us in the comments below!

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