10 Weird Yahoo Answers Questions About Virginity

Another day, another post in which we tell you that virginity is a complicated concept that depends a lot on a someone’s personal beliefs and sexuality. Welcome to Gurl! No, really, it does depend on all of those things. If you still think that virginity is all about penetrative penis in vagina sex then I think you might be very confused by the number of vagina owning lesbians who don’t consider themselves virgins. See?

Still, while it’s understandable that virginity is confusing in its definition and regarding what happens–no, you won’t necessarily bleed–some people on the Internet are just…beyond help. No, really, Yahoo Answers is full of the most ridiculous questions about virginity imaginable. Check out these 10 weird questions about virginity and be glad that you’ve never been this clueless.


1. UM…

Yahoo Answers Questions Virginity 5



2. Who knew that butt size and virginity had anything to do with one another?

Yahoo Answers Questions Virginity 7



3. How about we stop calling people sluts though?

Yahoo Answers Questions Virginity 6

you stop that velma scooby doo



4. Define “good”.

Yahoo Answers Questions Virginity 9

skins alo banana


5. I…just…um…

Yahoo Answers Questions Virginity 10

ghost scooby doo


6. We really need to stop caring so much about virginity.

Yahoo Answers Questions Virginity 3



7. No, really, we need to stop caring about virginity like this.

Yahoo Answers Questions Virginity 2


8. Virgins are future murderers. Right, yes.

Yahoo Answers Questions Virginity 1




Yahoo Answers Questions Virginity 8

kelso that 70s show stupid lightbulb


10. Okay but seriously, how would you answer this question?

Yahoo Answers Questions Virginity 4


What other virginity myths did you believe once upon a time? What’s the most ridiculous one you’ve heard? Tell us in the comments!

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