11 Beauty Product Releases To Get Excited About

I get excited about a lot of things: anything sparkly, whipped cream, my favorite TV shows, and new makeup. I’m like a kid in a candy store when I see shelves lined up with products that I haven’t tried. There’s this huge smile on my face like I’ve got a little secret that I’m just bursting to tell.  With a new year, comes new makeup releases, and trust me, you’re going to want these little gems in your makeup bags ASAP!

So being the makeup stalker  that I am, I did some serious digging to see which products I needed to get into my bathroom. Guys, when I tell you that exciting things are happening in the makeup world, it’s not an understatement. There are so many new formulas, colors, and just full on super cool products that are about to hit the shelves, that it I’m smiling just writing this. Here are 11 of the newest beauty products that will be released this month that you need to get excited for, and they’re all $20 or less!

Sally Hansen 18K Gold Cuticle Ereaser

If you're someone who loves DIY manicures then this is a product that you need to have in your arsenal. We all know that cutting your cuticles is a big NO NO, and if you are, then stop! You are really destroying your nail beds and making yourself vulnerable to hangnails and splitting skin. Instead, try this super conditioning cuticle gel to get rid of the excess skin and have you nails looking on point for your next nail art session. Also, it's made with 18k gold, so it's super fancy too. $7.99

Get it at: Ulta

Photo Source: SallyHansen

SEPHORA COLLECTION 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation

If you've been hesitant about wearing liquid foundation, then let this new 10-hour formula take all your fears away! It's an oil free, vitamin E, blurring formula that that will conceal everything from dark spots to uneven skin tone and give your face a beautiful velvet finish. It's super lightweight that you'll totally forget that you're wearing anything while looking amazing at the same time. $20

Get it at: Sephora

Photo Source: Sephora

Deborah Lippmann Like Dreamers Do Nail Polish

In the past, winter was all about the darkest shades of polish you could find. But this year, the trend has flipped and light, barely there color has become the go to trend. I love the creamy, slight hint of purple and pink that this polish offers. It will look great on any skin tone and keep you feeling perky on even the dreariest of winter days. $18

Get it at: Sephora

Photo Source: Sephora

ALMAY Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick

Whenever the word butter is used in a lip product, I have to try it. This smart shade technology lipstick doesn't disappoint on any level. The feel of this lipstick is super creamy and leaves my lips feeling hydrated and smooth. I love the four colors that are selected for my skin tone and a couple others too. This is a must for your makeup bag this month. $5.99

Get it at: Target

Photo Source: ALMAY

Maybelline Master Prime by Face Studio Blur + Illuminate Primer

You all know that I'm a sucker for a primer, and I will try any drugstore brand if it will save me a couple of dollars. This new line of primers from Maybelline caught my eye because of the three different options: Blur + Illuminate, Blur + Smooth, and Blur + Redness Control. I think it's really important to cater to different skin types and this line of primers will help so many who are struggling with dryness and redness, while providing a great base for any makeup. Grab this if your ready to change the way your make applies and wears throughout the day. $7.49

Get it at: Walmart

Photo Source: Drugstore.com

Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Makeup

I've always been a huge fan of any type of face makeup that is in a tube and can be carried anywhere. This foundation stick is the newest of Revlon's PhotoReady line. I've worn other products in this line and have been obsessed with them, so when I saw that this was coming to stores I knew I had to get my hands on it. It's an instant fixer for anything from blemishes to scars, and even if you need a mid-day pick-me-up. This little tube will be your savings grace and totally pay for itself after a couple of uses. $10.99

Get it at: Target

Photo Source: Target

MILANI Fierce Foil Eye Shine

Gloss isn't just for your lips anymore. Confused? Eye glosses are this season's newest and coolest beauty trend. I can't wait to get my hands on this one by ultimate drugstore brand MILANI. The colors bring an instant smile to my face with all the different ways to wear. The website says to apply to the lash line and blend up for a super rich color payoff that you'll fall in love with. It comes in four different quads that range from neutrals to cool purples and blues. Pick this up for endless ways to wear this season's hottest trend. $9.99

Get it at: Milanicosmetics

Photo Source: Milanicosmetics

Dove Cool Essentials Dry Spray Antiperspirant

Spray deodorant isn't new, but many of us only think of it as a product that makes us walk around with our arms up for minutes until it dries. But all that has changed with this new Dove Cool Essentials line. It goes on like a powder and is instantly dry. It will keep you smelling and feeling good for up to 48-hours after you apply. This is the coolest thing to hit the deodorant market in a long time. $5.49

Get it at: Target

Photo Source: Dove

Covergirl Bombshell Pow-der Brow & Liner By Lashblast

This two-in-one brow powder and liner is going to be you go-to product once you try it. It's pigmented micro powder works to fill in brows and give you a super natural look that is a breeze to apply. The velvet way it glides onto skin also makes it a must have for those who like the look of eyeliner without the harsh lines. This is an all around product that you must try in 2015. $11.99

Get it at: CVS

Photo Source: CVS

Ken Paves You Are Beautiful Hair Products

A haircare line created by a hairstylist to the stars available at Wal-mart? Yes! This full line of hair products by one of the most famous hair stylists is now available to everyone and the products are out-of-this-world amazing. It's got products for those with wavy, straight, and curly hair. There are shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that will change the way you hair looks and feels. Pick up this new brand for amazing locks.

Get it at: Walmart

Photo Source: Kenpaves

REVLON PhotoReady Eye Art - Lilac Luster

This may look like the nail polish duo that Revlon came out with a few years ago, but it's actually eyeshadow and eyeliner. Yep, you read that right. This double ended product is going to give your eyes a huge pop of color with the ease of swiping. You use as little or as much as you'd like to create a look that's all yours. And with 10 shades to choose from, you won't be able to decide. $9.99

Get it at: Ulta

Photo Source: Drugstore.com

Which products are you most excited about trying? Can you bear to part with your old beauty products? Let me know in the comment below! 

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