7 Things You Need To Know Before Your First Valentine’s Day With Your BF/GF

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and for the first time ever (ever) I have a boyfriend for it. Yeah, I still haven’t managed to figure out how that happened, but hey, I’m taking it. I’m a fish out of water in this situation, unclear as to what on earth normal people even do on Valentine’s Day that isn’t disgustingly cheesy or cloyingly commercial.

Luckily, I’ve enlisted some of my not-so-perpetually-single friends to let me in on seven tips that might be useful to any of you who find yourself celebrating Valentine’s Day for the first time with you BF or GF. Good luck and, please, don’t freak out…yes, I’m aware that I should take my own advice. Shhh…

Chill. Out.

Yes, Valentine's Day is pretty much set up to make you feel like a loser if you don't get a hundred roses, chocolates and a giant stuffed animal. Don't. If you chill out about it you'll have a happier Valentine's Day, period. It is literally just another day on the calendar.

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Let Your BF/GF Know If You Want To Do Something

You aren't a mind reader and neither is your BF/GF. Yeah, shocker. So they can't possibly know whether or not you want to do something special on Valentine's Day or not. So instead of just assuming that they'll know you want to have all the chocolates ever and watch a crappy rom-com, only to end up disappointed when they do absolutely nothing, let 'em know! If you want to do something special say, hey, let's go out for Valentine's Day. If you want to do nothing, let them know that you don't really want to exchange gifts or do anything special. Use your voice, it's there for a reason.

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Realize That You Two Might Have Different Expectations

Don't have high expectations only to be disappointed. Even if you two agree to do something together for Valentine's Day, don't be surprised if it feels like any other day that you two spend chillin' and not the most romantic day of your life. Your life won't suddenly look like a grocery store romance novel cover just because it is February 14.

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If You Guys Want To Go To Dinner, Make A Reservation. Seriously.

Okay, some practical advice: If y'all want to go out for dinner, please make reservations. Valentine's Day is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants and getting a table can be next to impossible. So unless you want to go to Taco Bell for a romantic dinner for two instead, plan ahead.

No shade if you'd rather eat dive-thru tacos, though.

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Do Valentine's Day Your Way

I know that it's cool to act like Valentine's Day is super lame, but hey, it's totally okay to want to spend a whole day being all mushy mushy. But if you don't want to have a traditional Valentine's Day full of candy hearts and nauseating sweet nothings, do the holiday your way. Skip the fancy dinner and go to a concert instead. Instead of watching a Nicholas Sparks movie, rent your favorite scary movie and watch that instead. Spend Valentine's Day the way you want to spend it and you'll end up a lot happier, trust.

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You Don't HAVE To Do Anything For Valentine's Day If You're Not Into It

Or maybe...you really DON'T like Valentine's Day and you don't want to celebrate at all. That's cool, too! You aren't obligated to do anything just because you have a BF/GF. Don't feel pressured to celebrate if you don't want to.

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Eat A Ton Of Chocolate, Regardless

Um, no matter what you end up doing, Valentine's Day is a great excuse to eat a lot of chocolate and you're going to have a good day, period.

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Okay, so what advice do you have to give for girls in this same situation? What’s your best or worst Valentine’s Day experience? Tell us in the comments!

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  • disqus_j5Ye0db9QY

    I am celebrating my first Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend. He is wonderful to me on a regular basis in every way, but he hadn’t mentioned Valentine’s Day, which is on Sunday. So I asked him how he would like to celebrate it. What would he like to do? He offered to take me out to a nice dinner, and I asked him to choose a restaurant I thought we’d both like. He’s very busy with work, kids, and a bathroom renovation, so the chances of him forgetting are great, which would make both of us feel bad. I think it’s kinda cool to discuss it and come up with a plan together, instead of hoping that he will do something, and then being disappointed. I got him a couple of small gifts, as he’s making the effort to take me out and spend money on a nice dinner. This way, both of us are happy, and there’s no drama or disappointment.