12 Flawless Ways To Reject Someone You Don’t Like

Rejecting someone is hard. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, and rejecting another person can really make you feel like the bad guy. (And can make some people very, very angry.) But you also don’t want to lead someone on and waste their time so rejection is a necessary part of life. It’s also better to get it over with sooner rather than later.

There really isn’t a *good* way to reject someone because feelings will be hurt. That’s just how it is. I will say that the other person will be okay and will get over it eventually. The best thing to do when rejecting someone is to be honest, but you can also use these responses:

1. The “fake your own death” approach:

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Yeah, this happened. A woman named Anne-Marie had a bad date, wasn’t interested, and tried to kindly let the guy know. But he didn’t get it and continued to text her. She said he even said they needed another date and was on his way to her house. That’s freaky, but she took an interesting approach. She pretended to be her sister and texted him saying that she was in the hospital. HOMEBOY STILL WANTED TO DATE HER. So she faked her own death. Do not do this, y’all.

2. The “You will be charged” service message:

Kinda hard to do this with iMessage so you’d have to be dedicated and turn that off.

3. The Jenna Marbles face tactic:

Works like a charm.

4. The “I’ve moved on” automated message option:

Perfect for exes or booty calls.

5. The “Don’t wrinkle my clothes” response:

Great for when people are sexting you out of nowhere.

6. The “Daily Leonardo DiCaprio” gift:

This is amazing for anyone you hate or any of your friends who love Leo (cough, Jess, cough).

7. The classic “Cat Facts” approach:

Cat Facts is the best. They also have an app now that will send out messages for you and, of course, give you facts about cats.

8. This error message:


9. The Text Reject service:

This is an awesome option if you get stuck with someone who’s asking for your number. Give them a number for Text Reject so when they text you, they’ll be met with an automated text letting them know they’ve been rejected.

10. The copy method:

Childish, yet effective.

11. The shufflin’ excuse:

Don’t let up on your shuffle, girl.

12. Just say no.

But doing so with a GIF is much more fun. Seriously, if you’re not interested in someone, just be upfront. Don’t string them along. Don’t be mean. Simply say you’re flattered, but are not interested. That’s it. No further explanation is required.
Have you ever had to reject someone? What did you say? Tell us in the comments below!
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