Lazy Girl’s Guide To Prepping To Get A Valentine’s Day Date

valentines-dayGuys, it’s already almost the end of January, and you know what that means? It’s time to put your money where your mouth is when it comes to asking out your crush for Valentines Day. It may not be for another month, but now is the time to start prepping to score the date of your dreams! You’re going to need a serious plan on how to get onto your crush’s radar.

The time for shyness and uncertainty is over. If you want this to really happen, but not sure how to start getting your crush to notice you, then fear not! We’ve got the best tips and tricks that if done correctly, you will score your dream date with ease! Here is the lazy girl’s guide to prepping to land a Valentine’s date.

Create A Scrapbook Of Your Love

Design a super cute scrapbook of pictures of the two of you. You know that time you guys went to the park, when you took that selfie in the movies, and when you guys were just chilling in their room? Collect them all and put into a super cute scrapbook. It's not creepy at all that you've photoshopped yourself into every image. You guys are meant to be!

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Create Custom Shirts Expressing Your Love

Create a custom shirt that will bond you two forever. Gift it to them right before you ask them out and have them wear it on a certain day. You'll wear the matching one too, and they will be so shocked when they see who it is. Score!

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Leave Cute Little Notes - Everywhere

As is where ever they go your notes should follow. In their locker, at every desk they sit at in every classroom, their usual lunch spot, and don't forget their house. They will love these cute little reminders that you're always thinking about them.

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Send Cute Texts

Send them super cute text but from a blocked number. It's way more romantic that way. They won't think it's creepy at all. And when it gets closer to the big V-Day, you can surprise them.

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Follow Them, Secretly

It's time to become their shadow. Where they go you also just happen to be there too. You've got to put the face time in with them if you want to get anywhere. This is not called stalking, so don't let anyone tell you different.

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Get In With Their Friends

It's important that you start to become friends with their friends. These are the people that could make or break you getting a date! You are now the friendliest person you know!

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Learn Their Lives Through Social Media

This is not called stalking, but more like research. It's important that you know certain things about them. Like the posters that they have in their room that you saw in their last selfie. These little details will make it a breeze to talk to them when you ask them out.

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Follow Your Feelings

It doesn't matter that you've never talked to them before or they barely know who you are. You want them and they shall be yours! Follow your heart, it can't lead you down a scary road at all.

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Get In With Their Family

You've got to start early if you want to lock down your date. It's time to start getting in with their family. Show up at their mom's fave grocery store, go to their sister's basketball games, "accidentally" walk your dog on the same path that their dad does. These little things will totally pay off when the time comes.

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Choreograph A Love Dance

What better way to express how you want them to be your Valentine then through dance! That's right, you've got to shake it in order to get a date. Don't worry they'll totally love that you performed it in front of the whole school and edited their name into the end of the song.

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Do have someone in mind that you want to ask out? Are you too nervous to ask your crush out for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below! 

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