13 Times Jennifer Lawrence Expressed How You Feel During Your First Hookup

Jennifer Lawrence is pretty much known for making the best facial expressions ever and being insanely GIFable. She has expressions for basically every situation we’ve ever been in. And she has some perfect expressions that describe exactly how you’ll feel during your first hookup:

1. When you’re feeling kind of nervous about hooking up, but still want to do it:

2. When you’re ready to get it on:

3. When you’re feeling ~sExY~:

4. And then when you’re feeling really self-conscious about being naked in front of another person:

5. When you’re ready to see what’s below the belt:

6. When you actually see a penis and are surprised:

7. When you’re not really sure what you’re actually supposed to be doing:

8. When you’re getting the hang of hooking up:

9. When you’re getting into the groove and are like “Oh this is what everyone’s been talking about!”:

10. When you finally have an orgasm, and you’re just like:

(Even if you don’t actually mean it, your body totes does.)

11. When you’re trying to be, like, super chill afterwards:

12. When you’re wondering how long you have to hang out after hooking up:

13. When you realize that hooking up makes you hungry:

Which reaction is your favorite? What reaction most applies to your first time hooking up? Tell us in the comments below!
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