10 Vintage Ads That Want You To Hate Your Body

The advertising industry doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to, well, not being terrible. It has a history of being sexist, racist and generally offensive. But hey, let’s add another element into the mix: Body shaming.

Yep, from telling women that me won’t want them for being skinny, to telling them that they won’t want them for being pear shaped, to telling them that they won’t want them for having dark skin, vintage ads are riddled with messages that tells people to hate the way they look. Check out these 10 body shaming vintage ads that want you to hate your body.

Make Sure Men Don't Hate The Sight Of You

Believe it or not there were ads back in the day that were anti-skinny chicks. That's not to say that they were full of fat acceptance, they definitely weren't. But it was way more desirable to have a full figure than a skinny one. Seriously, check out some other vintage Wate-On ads, it's ridiculous!


Don't You Dare Be Pear Shaped

God forbid anyone have more girth around their hips and butt than on top. Never look like a pear! Look like something realistic...like a Barbie doll.

Source: Huffington Post

Bleach Your Skin; You're Way Too Dark

The society we live in definitely favors lighter skin over dark, which unfortunately plays into a lot of racism and colorism. So, of course why not play into that and get some money out of it? This ad is so cringe worthy, but it's sad, too.

Source: Flickr

Make Sure Your Daughter Doesn't Get Fat

Like mother like daughter...in a really wince worthy way. There's nothing wrong with being healthy, but this ad is promoting healthy figures in a way that is totally side eye worthy.


Smoke The Fat Away

Yes, smoke away! What could go wrong? I mean, maybe cancer but pfft, it's worth it to drop some of that weight, right? Ugh.

Source: Pinterest

You Can't Be Popular If You're Skinny!

Again, another ad shaming slim figures that don't have enough butt and boob action. Sure, fat shaming is a lot more destructive and socially acceptable than skinny shaming, but this is ridiculous.

Source: Pinterest

Friends Don't Let Friends Get Fat

What a tragic tale. She lost her boy and her friends because of fat. Whatever is a girl to do? Um, get better friends and a better boyfriend, that's what.

Source: Huffington Post

Even Men Had Negative Body Image Thrown At Them

Yeah, even guys were shamed for their bods. Apparently all you need is a little bullying and self-hate to become a beefcake.

Source: Pintrest

Your Face Is Effed Up So Use This!

This is an actual instrument that was actually used to make women look more beautiful...as if some features are naturally displeasing to the eye.

Source: Huffington Post

Nothing Is Worse Than Middle Age Skin

I know that we all want to have nice skin but the idea that women are responsible for not being hot and sexy at all times is absolutely disgusting. God forbid women...age.

Source: Huffington Post

Can you imagine any of these ads being published today? Do you think ads are worse or better in terms of body image today? Tell us in the comments!


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  • disqus_aIOr2AEVrK

    Sadly the “don’t be fat, don’t be skinny” thing is still very present today…

  • Bella

    Lol certain features and weights are displeasing to the eye. Such as large noses, small eyes, fat, too skinny etc.

  • Stephaany Yocich

    It may sound funny but this is somehow true. They won’t like you if you’re skinny, fat, green, whatever. If they don’t like you they’ll find more reasons not to like you even more. I’ve lost 21lbs for my fiancee and he takes it for granted now, although I was on the Loaded Gun Diet for months..