10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re Not That Into Makeup

Let me start this off by saying this: I wear makeup almost every day. I feel naked without lipstick, eye liner is bomb, and I take my foundation super seriously. So I like makeup, I really do…but I’m super low maintenance about it. I have phases in which I’m obsessed with eyeshadow and will binge watch makeup tutorials, but at the end of the day that stuff ends up being used just a few times a year. And don’t even get me started on how rarely I clean my makeup brushes.

If you like makeup but have some chill about it, here are 10 things you’ll definitely relate to.

1. You don’t remember the last time you washed your brushes and you’re not sure how much you care even though you know you’re supposed to.



2. You check out beauty tutorials but never actually follow any of their tips because eh…who has the energy to do a perfect cat eye technique when you can just do your effed up version faster?



3. You don’t understand the concept of carrying a makeup bag with you everywhere. Like…ain’t nobody got time for that.

super side eye


4. And that’s because you literally only carry around, like, lip stuff and oil blots with you.

wish upon a star lipstick


5. Half of the time you end up using mostly empty tubes of lip stain and lipstick instead of just buying a new one.

rae shrug


6. You’re still confused about contouring.

kim kardashian nod


7. You wash off your makeup every night…almost…kind of…mostly.

nervous that's so raven


8. You’ve definitely worn eyeliner from last night the next day to class.

tina belcher mascara makeup


9. You’re amazed by people who actually have the patience to apply false eyelashes. Like…how?

false lashes makeup 60s style


10. Honestly, you just wish it was this easy every day.

getting ready makeup


Does this sound like your makeup routine? Or are you more of a makeup fiend? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Holly T.

    I gotta say this was more than I ever knew about make up. Oil blots? what on earth. and yet somehow I’ve managed to survive, be found reasonably attractive, and so on and so forth.

    • Cazzie

      Same, I simply don’t wear make-up. I can barely apply mascara, let along wear it to class the next day.