28 Of Our Best Posts About Sexism That Will Make You Angry

We love to write about so many things on Gurl. A lot of these things are light-hearted, fun, or even silly, like sarcastic tips in our Lazy Girl’s Guide, or DIY projects to try, relationship advice, or even just hilarious Tumblr blogs. But we also make it a point to write about the more important discussions you should all be having. One example? Sexism. If you truly believe that sexism is gone from the world, then please tell me what rock you’ve been hiding under. It sounds quite pleasant.

Yes, we’ve come a long way, but sexism is still very much alive and happening today. Even when you guys want to call us “too sensitive,” we still take it upon ourselves to call out sexism when we see it. We also try to help you learn how to deal with sexism. We’ve written so much about the issue that I wanted to put everything together into one neat place. Here are 28 of our best posts about sexism that might make you angry:


Sexism In Social Media

family guy gif

15 Best Twitter Reactions To The Idea That Girls Don’t Like Sports

18 Of The Best Reactions To The #GamerGate Scandal

22 Powerful, Important Tweets You Need To Read From #YesAllWomen

7 Social Justice Tumblr Blogs That Will Change Your Life


Sexist Products and Advertisements

sexist quote

How Girls Are Unfairly Portrayed On Film

10 Horrifyingly Sexist Products That Came Out In 2014

10 Stupid Gendered Products That Will Make You Cringe

8 Of The Worst Things About Ads Directed At Women

10 Ridiculously Unnecessary Gendered Products

Are These Lego Pieces Totally Sexist?

Is Your Manicure Sexist?

10 Super Sexist Commercials We Really Wish Didn’t Exist

Does Being Into Big Boobs Mean You’re Sexist?

10 Absolutely Ridiculous School Dress Code Violations That Got Students In Trouble


Vintage Sexism

sexist gif

8 Awkward, Sexist Vintage Dating Tips That Are WTF-Worthy

16 Sexist Vintage Ads That Are Unbelievably Offensive

15 Sexist Vintage Ads That Are The Worst


Thoughts About Sexism


16 Crazy Myths About Women That Aren’t True At All

Women Are Not Objects No Matter How Hot They Are

8 Sexist Quotes That Will Make You Cringe

10 Reasons Why Women Don’t Have To Always Be Smiling

The Surprising And Controversial History Of Porn


Dealing With Sexism

michelle obama

What To Do If Your Boyfriend Is Sexist

18 Daily Struggles Girls Deal With That Guys Don’t Understand

7 Things You Should Never Have To Calm Down About

How To Deal With Sexist Guys At School

When Are You Most Likely To Encounter Sexism?

Is This How You Should Respond To Street Harassment?


Which of these posts is your favorite? What are your thoughts on sexism? What did we forget? Tell me in the comments.

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