8 Tips On How To Deal When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Like Your Friends

When I was in high school, I dated a guy who hated all of my friends. Going into our relationship, I knew that he didn’t get along with the people I hung out with, and I also knew that it would make things harder for us. I liked him a lot, and so I figured I could make it work. I promised myself that I wouldn’t be “that girl” and ditch my friends for my boyfriend.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what I did.

Things started off okay. I would hang out with my friends on my own, and my boyfriend would just make fun of them later on until I asked him to stop. It was a bummer that I couldn’t bring him anywhere, but I dealt with it. Then it started getting worse. He started getting mad at me for hanging out with them. If I told him I couldn’t see him because I had plans with them, he would pout and complain and make me feel bad. He began talking about them all the time, saying really awful things and trying to convince me to ditch them. I was in love and stuck in a very awkward position.

Dan rarely got along with Serena's friends

Dan rarely got along with Serena’s friends

After a while, his constant talk about my friends really got me down. I started second guessing our friendship, and believing the things he said to me. Sometimes, blowing them off to be with him was worth it just so we wouldn’t fight. I slowly started losing touch with them, and suddenly, he was the only friend I had left.

Having no friends felt AWFUL. I missed my old besties, and I was constantly feeling lonely and out of touch. I loved my boyfriend, but I hated that I couldn’t have my friends around too. It was the worst! To make a long story short, I eventually realized I was being an idiot, and I apologized to my friends and got them back. And now I will never, ever make that same mistake again.

If you know what this situation feels like, keep reading. Dealing with a significant other who doesn’t like your friends is really, really difficult, but not impossible. Here are 8 tips on how to deal when your boyfriend hates your friends:

Have you ever dated someone who hated your friends? What would you do if that happened? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Tabatha Reese

    So. I miss my friends.. It’d been a few months without having seen each other, because my boyfriend doesn’t like them. I contacted a few of them to apologize already. They miss me too My boyfriend was completely cool with them at first …and then we moved in together. Slowly but surely, I stopped talking to almost all of them. The only ones I can talk to (without him opposing, so long as he’s there or feels up to it,) are the two that are dating one another. When I ask why it’s a big deal to go see anyone ( or even my former best friend), it starts a huge argument. Orrrrr he’ll say “do what you want,” and when I come home I’m made to feel guilty for “choosing them over him.” I’m not one to believe in coincidence, so this makes me uncomfortable. I love him to death. I don’t want to lose him, but I do want them back. I’m a social human being. I miss them, constantly.

  • Celia

    Thanks alot ?this is going to help me alot

    • Callie

      If this will work a year later… ? My boyfriend decided to give me options on when I could see my friends in relation to him. I chose his option of seeing him lesser of the days. He’s decided that I somehow love him/care for him less. My friends make me happy and I don’t want to lose them if this relationship is headed where I think it is. I feel bad that I hurt him but he brought up “unconditional love” and to me, that doesn’t mean spending most of my time with him. He makes me feel guilty about my decision, like he’s given up so much for me and I’ve been selfish… any help?